Tom Arnold Thinks that Al Franken Accuser was “Manipulated”

The issue of sexual harassment has brought down the careers of many Politicians, Preachers, and even Hollywood celebrities. Moreover, as Al Franken has come to learn, it all starts with the alleged victim recounting what happened before the media, which is later followed by calls for resignation from morals corps. Whether the allegations are true of not, in most cases, that ceases to be the issue. Instead, you lose your moral ground and all that is left if for you to do what you can to try to argue your case. Such was the case with Al Franken Accuser as a majority of fellow democrats demanded that he should resign.

However, a few supporters who see Al Franken as having fallen victim to his accusers and his downfall will not help in the fight against sexual harassment. Tom Arnold is one such person, and he says that Al Franken’s accuser was coached to say what she said, and the media house that promoted her story should be held responsible for spreading malice. Another Franken supporter, Eric Bogosian in his tweet says that Franken was hounded out of office. Others like Billy Baldwin gave a list of sexual harassment suspects who have lost their jobs, while others such as Moore and Trump are left to live as if they don’t have a case to answer.

Rosie O’Donnell tweeted, “I hope this is fake news.” her tweet was in all caps, and was sent before Franken was about to resign. According to Clay Aiken, the Democrats are in support of Franken’s resignation, hoping that it will show they are against sexual harassment, and they do so with zero tolerance. However, she added that, that’s will not be the message that people will receive from their actions. Bette Midler in a tweet declared that Democrats are not hesitant to eject their own. She added that except when it comes to fellow members, GOP is always willing to support every other harasser and child molester, even the current POTUS. This as she puts it is “political suicide.“

Tom Arnold was the most blunt and detailed of all defenders of Franken, and said that Leeann Tweeden, who was among the first to accuse of Franken with a Photo of Franken miming a breast grope. The photo, he added was then manipulated political opponents among them Roger Stone to gain political mileage. He went further to say that he can prove that Tweeden’s story was part of a smear political campaign against Franken. Using the “#MeToo hashtag,” Arnold announced that he too was molested when he was a kid.

Arnold had earlier said that Tweeden could be involved in the Stone plan, but later claimed after speaking with her, she had informed him that she didn’t have any connection with the people who had bad intentions.

Overall, it seems that it’s getting quite dangerous for one’s career to do anything that can easily be manipulated to become a sexual harassment act. While that may be a good thing, there is a lot that needs to be done to bring actual sexual offender to book, and show no tolerance to those whose victims have come forward with evidence.

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