Lucifer: Amenadiel Has Health Issues. Cain Makes A Deal With the Devil.

Lucifer: Amenadiel Has Health Issues. Cain Makes A Deal With the Devil.


After three long weeks of waiting, the Devil is back at last. In this week’s episode of Lucifer, the former Lord of Hell tries to get back into Detective Decker’s good graces. That, and getting her to help him investigate Pierce/Cain, of course. Amenadiel also deals with certain health issues that might put a damper on his relationship with Dr. Martin.

The case of the week centers around a professional surfer named Manny “the Moondog” Taylor. Someone strangled him with a surfer leash on Carbon Beach, which doesn’t sit too well with the wealthy homeowners nearby. Detective Decker then heads to the Huntington Swell Classic to flush out the killer. Unfortunately, Lucifer beat her to it and blew her cover. It seems that the Devil is completely clueless when it comes to undercover work. I do, however, commend him for acquiring a competition pass. The fluorescent yellow bikini, however, is somewhat distasteful. I mean, it’s not even her color!

Meanwhile, Ella is still recovering from her incident with Pierce. The lab tech’s aggressive cheerfulness is what makes her Ella. She is who she is, and no one can ever change that. The same goes for Lucifer, of course, when Maze told Detective Decker that the latter could not change who he is. He can modify his behavior so that he’s not as self-centered, but he cannot become someone that he’s not simply to appease others.

Amenadiel, on the other hand, deals with some shocking news. He has contracted chlamydia, a sexually transferred disease. His condition is made known to Dr. Martin, who tries to break up with the angel later in the episode. While I am happy that Amenadiel is getting a potential love interest in Dr. Martin, I have a feeling that he and Maze will be the endgame much like my Deckerstar. When it was revealed that his diagnosis is a false positive, I breathed a sigh of relief. Least he doesn’t have to worry about getting infected with human diseases anymore.

The shocking part about this episode is that Pierce orchestrated everything. He heard that Detective Decker makes Lucifer vulnerable, so he decided to use it to his advantage. His endeavor did not pan out. Unfortunately, he did not die from the gunshot wound he sustained at the ranch. The Devil is angry that Pierce put the detective in danger, but the latter just shrugged it off like it’s nothing. Wow. Can someone tell me what Detective Decker sees in the lieutenant? On top of that, it turns out that God screwed over both Lucifer and Cain. He didn’t want Cain to die, so He gave Lucifer his wings back and took away his Devil face. Oh. My. Goodness.

In the end, Manny’s death was a homeowner’s attempt to get surfers off of her private beach. Though technically, she posted the signs illegally as the beaches in California do not belong to anyone. I loved the Deckerstar moment at the beach before sticking it to the homeowner lady. Keep it up, show!

Final Thoughts:

Major kudos to Charlotte Richards for taking Pierce/Cain to task for what happened with Ella. I applaud.

I sweat-dropped at Lucifer’s attempt to do paperwork. His folder-labelling, though amusing, is not the proper way to do things. I’m also certain that putting a scintillating photo of himself on the detective’s computer is not exactly professional.

Love the fact that Kevin can put his surfing skills to good use. Got any other hidden talents, Mr. Alejandro?

Glad to see Pierce and Ella make up. I’d hate to see the tension between them continue. Also, is Pierce continuing on as the lieutenant or will he transfer out as he requested?

I wonder how Lucifer will help Pierce die while keeping Detective Decker out of the loop? She has let the former continue to be her partner, and I am more than certain that Lucifer doesn’t want to jeopardize that again anytime soon. Guess we’ll have to keep watching!

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