A Reboot of Mary Hartman is Happening at TBS

A Reboot of Mary Hartman is Happening at TBS

A Reboot of Mary Hartman is Happening at TBS

The rollout of older ideas keeps coming as another classic will be headed to TBS as Emily Hampshire from Schitt’s Creek will be taking on the titular role of a woman whose nervous breakdown goes viral and turns her ordinary but frustrating life into something completely different. Emily will be working on this with the show’s original showrunner, Norman Lear, who at 99 is sounding as though he’s ready to keep going for a while as his time in the industry has been both long and successful. One has to wonder if this is his only show that’s going to be adapted for the current era, or if he’s planning on bringing more into the forefront. In fact, one has to wonder how much of the past is going to be dredged up to bring into the current era at this point since it’s been seen that so much we remember from the past is being used to shape the present and the coming future that it feels safe to wonder if there’s going to be anything that has been used at least once or twice in the years to come.

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman is a show that lasted for a short while but still had around 300 episodes, so it’s easy to think that people might recall the show and would be a little excited to see it come back in some form. While some might know nothing about it, this was back in the 70s after all, the addition of a current star might help to kickstart the show in a way that will allow it to become one of the next big deals on TV. Whether people will see it that way or if it’s going to draw a lot of attention based on its cast is hard to say right now, but it does sound as though Lear’s ideas might be seeing the light of day again if things go well.

The prospect of seeing so many older shows coming back to life is something that makes some folks cheer and others wonder why in the world such a thing would happen. There are some shows that might have appeared to be ahead of their time, while others might be an attempt to simply bring a decent to a good idea back to the people in an attempt to create interest in something that was popular back in the day. It’s all a matter of creating interest, which leads to ratings, which in some way leads to revenue, which helps the whole business to work in the first place. However it happens, show business is going to go on, and leaning on the past at times appears to be a smart move since there are plenty of ideas that can be adapted to the current era, but the question is whether they should be adapted sometimes. The answer from the network is usually a resounding ‘yes’, especially if there’s money to be made from it. Taking something from the past that people happened to like and updating it to the current era always has some risk, since it’s fairly easy to update, but getting people to enjoy it is the real trick.

The hardest part of anything in show business is getting people to care, since this is why shows and movies are made, after all, to pander to the crowds and make sure that they’re kept well and keep people entertained. If this program ends up doing well it’s likely that more of Lear’s creations will be headed forward to get remade, though simply expecting success is a bit premature since one has to remember everything that the show has to contend with when it comes to competition. While people might have enjoyed watching Emily on Schitt’s Creek, this is bound to be something quite different and there’s no guarantee that it’s going to be what people are hoping for, though given the popularity of the actress and the former show it’s very possible that this could be a big hit. Only time will tell at this point, but bringing older ideas to the forefront appears to be the thing to do these days and in some cases, it’s definitely worked.

Whether or not it will be something that lasts is hard to say at the moment since one can’t really predict with that much accuracy what’s going to happen and whether or not the audience will be willing to give that much attention to any given show. Its always possible that the next show to come along will be one of those that will be embraced fully by the audience, but until that happens it’s best to hope for the best and simply expect that the show will be received by those that are interested and possibly be mentioned so as to get others to take a look.Schitt’s Creek

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