Kookaburra Bird’s Call Slowed Down Sounds Like Supervillain Laugh

Kookaburra Bird’s Call Slowed Down Sounds Like Supervillain Laugh

I’m not sure if I would say that a kookaburra’s call sounds like a super-villain when slowed down, I think I would actually liken it more to a movie devil than anything. It has that deep, bass quality that you expect from something so inherently powerful, dark, and absolutely terrifying in its evil way. And yet the kookaburra on its own is kind of a whimsical bird, so much so in fact that I kind of remember and older song that had a lot to do with the kookaburra. Be honest, anyone remember this from when you were a kid?

“Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
Eating all the gumdrops he can see
Stop, Kookaburra, Stop, Kookaburra
Leave some there for me.”

That’s just one stanza out of the whole song but it’s the one that sticks in my mind the most and reminds me of the strange little bird known as the kookaburra. I don’t know if the ending of its call at the finish of the clip is real or not but that sounded more like a villain laugh than the rest of it. The rest kind of reminds me of Legend, or any other show in which the devil turned out to be this gargantuan lord of darkness that was absolutely bent upon the destruction of everything and everyone. You know, that supreme overlord of the dark, the bad guy that runs the other bad guys, and the  leader that’s not to be messed with by anyone that’s not at least close to being on their level. All that imagery comes from the laugh of one little bird that’s been slowed down to an almost demonic level.

The kookaburra is really kind of a pretty bird, though its colors are a bit muted compared to several others. They’re still a very attractive animal since the males have brighter plumage than the females as is seen in many different species. As a wild animal they’re kind of ordinary in their own native environment but that laugh is something that’s been used for a lot of films have to do with the Australian outback, largely because this is one of the areas they frequent and because the sound is so distinctive.

They’re not very nice birds since they are meat eaters and will partake of anything that’s small enough to be seen as a meal. They’ll also pluck up whatever they can if it’s in sight and they see the opportunity. It’s not advised to feed kookaburra’s since like many wild animals they will likely keep coming around, but it’s not unheard of them to snatch something from an outdoor barbecue if they happen to be nearby. They’re not a true menace bird but they know how to be difficult to those that would rather not have to deal with them.

But oh, that laugh. It’s like the devil took the form of a little, winged avian and decided to terrorize the race of mankind in disguise.

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