Author: Featherlite

Featherlite is a Canadian writer who graduated from UCLA's screenwriting program in 2010. When she isn't watching procedural crime dramas, she wonders when she became a sci-fi geek and how she can overcome her addiction to SPACE channel. In addition to contributing articles to TVOvermind, Featherlite is busy working her own television and movie scripts.

Recap – Fringe 2.17 – White Tulip

Oh, dear. I appear to have found my snark. Hold on, here we go… Commuter train station. A panhandler kid with a sign saying ‘God will be watching&

Recap – Fringe 2.16 – Peter

US Army Research Headquarters 1985 A very young Dr. Walter Bishop addresses a handful of important looking military officers. Walter shows them a cell phone.

Recap – Fringe 2.14 – Jacksonville

Manhatan. A man is working late in an architecture firm office. A female coworker comes over, led by the fumes of real coffee. (Hmm, says Featherlite. Real co

The Top Five TV Writers of the 2000s

The debate was fierce in TVOvermind back offices but I managed to come out with a list of the Top 5 Writers/Creators Currently On Television. The stringent cr

Recap – Fringe 2.09 – Snakehead

A soaken wet Chinese man stumbles into a warehouse, clutching his stomach. Another Chinese man – a doctor or scientist, who is obviously waiting for eit

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