A Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II: A Life of Grace, Strength, and Dedication

A Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II: A Life of Grace, Strength, and Dedication

The remark that few people have ever been alive to witness the passing of a queen, or of any member of nobility, is kind of a false one since there are plenty of those in this world who still hold the royal titles and have passed on from this world. But in the case of Queen Elizabeth II, this will no doubt be a day that many people will mark down as a day to be remembered. Granted, there are many who will see it as just another day and the queen as just another person whose life has come to an end. Call that crass or vulgar, but it is the unvarnished truth since she was human, and the world is still turning despite her passing. But her life is what draws the attention of a great number of people since throughout her 96 years, since as a member of royalty she ended up being one of the most noteworthy individuals of more than one era, and will stand out as a legend in the years to come.

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She was a private person despite being such a public figure.

Born to royalty, it’s fair to state that Queen Elizabeth didn’t know much beyond her royal station, no matter how much of an assumption that is. This didn’t stop her from becoming a woman that was known to have a will of iron, as many have claimed, and the right temperament to rule over a country that had existed for centuries. One has to think that her mental state, no matter how strong, was sorely tested now and then with the fact that she was the head of a nation that has been credited with being vastly important to many different countries around the world. But as far as knowing what was going on in her head at any given time, one has to recall that any mention of the queen came with the realization that her life was a very private one, and anything that was known of her was limited to what those who served the crown allowed people to know.

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One would think that the life of a queen would be all glamorous, but that didn’t appear to be the case.

It’s easier to say that her life was one of great responsibility since the truth is that it was. Queen Elizabeth might have been bound by the laws of her country, the same laws that applied to her people, but at the same time, she was expected to be a standard to those that lived within the borders of the UK and those who represented the country all over the world. Trying to wrap your head around the idea of running a country while still being your own person is tough enough, but having a royal family to keep in mind and keep satisfied at the same time is another matter. The rumors that have flown about like flies at a banquet for so many years have painted one picture after another of the royal family, and not all of them have been flattering. Queen Elizabeth managed to conduct herself with grace and presented an attitude to the world that everything was under control most times, even if it appeared that things were unraveling now and then. One has to remember that she witnessed a great number of world events in her time, as being just four years shy of a century means that she managed to see a great deal of change occur over the decades.

Elizabeth: A Portrait in Part(s)': 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II in Roger  Michell's last film credit: Elizabeth: A Portrait in Part(s)

Much like Princess Diana, it doesn’t feel as though there will ever be another ruler like Queen Elizabeth II.

Many would agree simply because it’s hard to replicate the life of anyone, no matter who they are. Each person in this world is unique for one thing or another and trying to be like anyone else usually makes a person come off as a cheap copy. But in terms of the queen, there will likely be no one that can possibly take her place, nor do what she has done since she first came to prominence. There might be a few who will try, but in reality, she was a unique individual that will be remembered in one way or another many years from now.

There will be many farewells to come, there’s no doubt of that.

As of now, there is much to be done and a lot to be worked out since, with her passing, the queen leaves behind a royal seat that will need to be filled. It does leave the question of whether England will now have a king, or if something else will be set in place. For now, we say goodbye to a woman, a queen, that lived an extraordinary life, and a human being that earned her respect. Rest in peace your majesty, there will be many who will miss you.

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