Eternals 2 Might Actually Happen

Eternals 2 Might Actually Happen
Eternals 2 Might Actually Happen

credit: The Eternals

Eternals 2 could possibly happen, or so it sounds. How the first movie was left does beg for a sequel. Arnhem snatched the remaining Eternals away and disappeared, leaving the world shaken again. If nothing else, fans want to know what happened to the Eternals.

The only problem with a sequel is that some folks are worried that they’ll be subjected to more of the same. This means enduring another lackluster movie that reveals a great deal but explains next to nothing. It can be said that in the comics, the Eternals come and go as they will. In the movies, however, they will need to stick around if they’re going to participate in the MCU. 

Given the fact that they’ve killed a Celestial and that word of their existence was bound to get out, Eternals 2 should try to explain a lot more than the first movie. More than this, it feels like a sequel should introduce the idea that there is more than just this core group. That depends on the overall plan for this group of individuals, though. It does appear that the Eternals are meant to stand apart from the rest of the MCU. 

Eternals 2 Might Actually Happen

Credit: The Eternals

Anyone can return to the sequel

Fans will hopefully recall that any of the Eternals can return in a sequel. The reason for this is that they’re all copies that are activated each time they’re shipped to a planet. This means that Don Lee could return as Gilgamesh, and Richard Madden could return as Ikaris. 

This might feel like a cheap move to bring back certain characters, but it does stand out as a valid argument. Whether Lee or Madden would want to return is another question. But a short-lived MCU career for both of them feels worse than the idea of bringing them back. 

The question is whether the Deviants will find a place in the sequel. Near the end, the main Deviant, Kro, starts to become quite powerful. If he was brought back, it would up the stakes a little. Using the Deviants as an enemy is still wise. But using them in another manner sounds intriguing. 

Another movie could cement the Eternals’ place in the MCU

The fact that this movie didn’t perform as well as was expected makes it less effective as an MCU movie. It will go down in the record books as an MCU movie, but at the same time, it still doesn’t have the same feel. There are many ways to create a feeling of inclusion in the franchise, and the first movie used many of them. But still, it doesn’t feel as though it connects to the MCU as easily as other movies. 

Fans could state that the mentions of other characters and the appearance of Dane Whitman should be enough. But Dane Whitman is a new character in the franchise, and mentioning certain names and materials is a backhanded way of saying this movie belongs to the MCU. What it needs is a solid hook that attaches it to the MCU. 

Eternals 2 Might Actually Happen

credit: The Eternals

It’s fun to think that there could be redemption for Ikaris

It does feel that many fans would argue vehemently with this idea since Ikaris turned on his companions in a big way. But looking at the comics, Ikaris had moments when he was seen as a true hero. This made his heel turn in the movie confusing, but it does stand to reason that the movie needed a twist that would keep it entertaining. Somehow though, his turn wasn’t quite enough. 

Seeing Ikaris as a villain was easy enough, but seeing him as the biggest threat didn’t really work. The Celestials loomed as the biggest threat in this movie, even though they were following their purpose. At best, the Deviants were a bit of an annoyance, a bothersome bunch that required just enough attention to make them appear like a bigger threat. But if not for Kro, they might not have worked for this movie, regardless of their history with the Eternals

Hopefully, a sequel could incorporate a few other cameos

As mentioned above, this movie could be strengthened by using a few more individuals that are known to the fans and are therefore able to strengthen the Eternals movie by association. It does pay to show that several common threads link the stories. Many heroes and villains have interacted with the Eternals. That alone could warrant at least a few cameos that fans might enjoy. 

If Eternals 2 does hit the theaters, it’s fair to state that fans will tread lightly until they make any judgments. The idea has merit, but it does need to raise the bar just a bit.

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