It Sounds As Though Sam Raimi Would be Up for Spider-Man 4

It Sounds As Though Sam Raimi Would be Up for Spider-Man 4

It Sounds As Though Sam Raimi Would be Up for Spider-Man 4

It’s not too hard to think that a lot of Spider-Man fans, especially the Tobey Maguire fanbase, would love to see another Spider-Man movie emerge from Sam Raimi’s direction. But whether or not that will happen is up for grabs since at this time it feels as though he’s thinking about it and would be up for it, but there’s likely plenty to think about. It does need to be mentioned that Andrew Garfield’s version of Spider-Man has been getting a lot of attention as well, even if there was a great uproar from the fanbase when the Amazing Spider-Man movies came out years ago. If one needed another lesson on how fickle fans can be, talking about the Spider-Man movies and picking a decisive favorite would be a good refresher. But speaking of Raimi’s version of the web-slinging hero at the moment, it does feel as though people want to see another movie in this line and at this time it does sound as if it might have at least a small chance of happening. That’s not confirmed of course, but when a director states that they’re interested, there’s always hope. 

But at this time it’s fair to wonder what direction Raimi would head in when it comes to the story since feels as though Spider-Man might be forced to endure a few horrors along the way since Raimi’s foray into other movies has shown that he has a great deal of skill and that said skill has only improved with age. After all, this is the man that’s worked on movies such as The Evil Dead and Drag Me to Hell, so stating that his horror chops are real is an understatement. But to think of what type of horrors Spider-Man might have to deal with is tough to say since it feels premature to even think about bringing in the Sinister Six, no matter what was shown in the post-credit scene of Morbius. 

Plus, thinking that Morbius is going to break bad that quickly feels like it would be rushing things in a big way. There are so many other villains that could be brought out to play that one has to sit down and read the list since it can’t be easily perused. The fact that there are so many enemies to choose from is amazing in a way, but it’s not hard to imagine since Spider-Man has been one of Marvel’s greatest properties for a long time now. He’s managed to share quite a few enemies with other heroes that have made it clear that he gets around a bit. The fact that he’s taken on cosmic threats and even a few other heroes when disagreements have come along is enough to think that it might be time to get a little more creative with the format and bring in someone that can truly be a challenge to Spider-Man. Some folks might want to cite Spider-Man 3 when it looked as though the wall-crawler was about to lose to Venom and Sandman, and they’d be right, that duo is tough to beat when Spidey was also concerned about Mary Jane at the same time. With his head and heart going in opposite directions, Spider-Man is still human and has priorities that keep him from being able to focus entirely on one thing or another. 

But in terms of his villains, Spider-Man has been able to hold his own against numerous baddies in the past, especially since a lot of them can’t always work together without falling back on old habits eventually. But this tends to make for a more interesting story since the bad guys trying to fight each other while at the same time trying to fight Spider-Man is kind of an interesting story since it indicates that the superhero world is more of a mess than people realize. But if a Spider-Man 4 is coming it would be interesting to see other villains that aren’t quite as intelligent as those that have already been shown since the challenges they give Spider-Man would be a lot different than those who are willing to sit and explain how smart they are, or how abused they are, and so on. Villains that are ready for mayhem and little else is what is needed at this time, or so it would appear. 

If this happens, and that feels like a big if, at this point, it does sound as though it could be something that might advance the story a few years since Maguire can’t possibly pass himself off as a younger man at this point, even with the de-aging software that’s been used in various movies. Sam Raimi might decide to shelve this idea for a while, but if he does then it might be that he’ll be missing out on a chance to bring another great idea to the screen. We’ll have to wait and see. 

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