What We Learned from ‘The Sandman’ Teaser Trailer

What We Learned from ‘The Sandman’ Teaser Trailer

What We Learned from ‘The Sandman’ Teaser Trailer

Things are already sounding ominous as the teaser trailer of The Sandman unfolds. The summoning of Dream, played by Tom Sturridge, allows him to be captured and held for an extended period of time until he finally escapes. As one of the Endless, he doesn’t age or die, but for a person to know more it’s wise to consider reading the story since otherwise, it might be too easy to get lost and wonder what’s going on. Those that have read Neil Gaiman’s epic tale will no doubt understand what’s going on, though whether the show is going to follow the graphic novels perfectly is up for debate since this rarely ever happens for various reasons that can grate on a lot of fans but tends to become a vision that a director might have. Whether an author or producer really agrees with that doesn’t always appear to be factored in since it’s common to hear later on that things didn’t go the way that someone expected and that they would have done things far differently. Time will tell obviously, but for the moment it would appear that the show is bound to have a solid lead-in as Dream is summoned and imprisoned, which is bound to cause an imbalance since he’s one of the seven Endless. 

The line that ‘death has siblings’ is ominous as hell since when many people think of the reaper they don’t generally think about the specter of death having anyone in their life that holds any meaning for them. But the implications of capturing someone that has this kind of power is kind of hard to fathom, but with every tale, there’s a way to make things happen, and as one can imagine, there will be at least enough of an explanation as to why things will happen the way they do. Those that have been following this story for a while are no doubt going to be watching closely in order to see what’s been missed, left out, or otherwise botched since there’s a good chance that something has been misconstrued according to the fanbase.  

Things are looking fairly interesting thus far since the target of the group in the trailer was Death, which makes one wonder, especially if they haven’t read the books, just what’s going to happen to those that dared to imprison one of the Endless, since one can easily imagine that those that carry such tremendous power aren’t going to be too pleased to find themselves in the clutches of those that have no real concept of how long they’ve been around. It does invite an interesting thought that no matter how ageless a being is they still have to abide by the various laws of reality that are devised within any story. But again, it’s a good idea to at least try to flip through the books and get a general idea of what’s coming, since the trailer gives away a good deal of information despite being rather short, but if a person really wants to have a good idea of what’s going on they might want to go out and find a copy of the Sandman books and discover what the story is all about in order to avoid getting lost after just a few minutes of watching. 

Apart from that, it’s bound to be interesting to figure out how the spell was botched and why Dream was summoned instead of Death. I’m certain that plenty of fans have a solid explanation of this, but the point is that things are bound to change just a bit as the show rolls on, and while it might cling to the comics, it’s also wise to expect the program to deviate now and again since the truth is that if a comic were to be adapted in the exact same manner as the comic it would be kind of awkward from one standpoint or another. Thus far it does appear that things aren’t deviating too much since it’s easy enough to note that the beginning is taking off in a direction that a lot of people will be able to recognize and likely appreciate. Where it will go from there is anyone’s guess since sticking to the story isn’t always the goal. 

When all is said and done though the best hope is that the story will be told in a manner that people want to see since Gaiman has created a masterpiece with The Sandman epic and it’s fair to think that Netflix will do what it can to ride this story for as long as possible if the fan reaction is positive enough. Of course, don’t be too surprised if Netflix announces after a first season that they’re canceling, since they’ve become notorious for this if things get too expensive to produce. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, but don’t think it can’t happen. 

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