The Legend of Korra: 12 Things I Loved About Season 1

Korra: Hadouken!

Number 10: Airbending battle; Pro Bending Style

This may seem too small to warrant a place on the list but I can’t help thinking about it. I have a friend who studies Hung Gar Kung Fu so I’ve always liked Earthbending, as I knew the style. Firebending was always cool (when is shooting fire not cool?), whereas Waterbending and Airbending were always somewhere more behind for me. Korra and Tarrlok changed my mind about Waterbending and, despite my love for Tenzin, I still felt Airbending was a bit too theatrical. I know it goes to the very nature of Airbenders not being hot-heads but still, at times, Airbending lacked that aura of brutality, despite being cool.

In her unlocking of Airbending, Korra stuck with the Pro Bending style. I loved that she did this. Not only did it sort of prove Tenzin right (all the way back in episode two, but it showed that there is more than one way of using everything. Toph learned Earthbending from the badgermoles, while Iroh studied Firebending from the dragons for a while. It would mean so much to me if Korra would keep a unique brand of Airbending, as it fits her so well. No twirls, just punches…beautiful. Airbending should be more adaptable and with so few Airbenders about, it’s nice to see differences. I now like Airbending as much as the others. About time, wouldn’t you say?

Republic City

Number 9: Republic City

Some people were not too keen on the idea of the show being contained solely in one place. I can understand where they’re coming from, but I can’t help liking it. The Turtles have New York, Batman has Gotham, but Korra…she has Republic City. I loved Appa, but at times the road trip (in the sky) in season one felt like a cheap plot device. Sokka should have put his foot down and told them to head north. Also, I can’t be the only person who thought Appa could have got there a lot quicker? That bison ruled!

With set locations in the city, Legend of Korra had more of an atmosphere and you could feel the city’s collective tension. Obviously, this couldn’t have been done if we didn’t know of the world, which we do thanks to ATLA. However, I was glad that it was based in one place. I loved Ba Sigh Se but ATLA couldn’t have stayed there; they had to move on. Thanks to that, we were allowed to immerse ourselves in Republic City and I loved every bit of it and hope to see more of it.

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