The Hypocrisy Behind Snubbing J.K Rowling

The Hypocrisy Behind Snubbing J.K Rowling

At this point apologies from either side don’t feel like they would do much, since the doxxing of J.K. Rowling and now her snubbing from the Harry Potter reunion is plenty of evidence that a person can’t have a dissenting opinion these days without being pushed aside by those they helped to make stars. Think about that for a moment, and then hopefully more people will come to realize that without Rowling, there would be no Harry Potter, no franchise, no idea that people latched onto for years. A lot of people won’t want to hear this since they’ll have already come to one conclusion or another concerning the author and her stance on women’s rights and the issue that has brought this debate to where it currently sits. The fact that the core actors of the franchise have turned on Rowling in a public manner isn’t surprising at all, since if they don’t they stand to lose a great deal of their reputation otherwise. Whether they believe in what they’re preaching to others or not (hopefully they do), the fact is that they wouldn’t be where they’re at, in terms of the status that the HP franchise gave them, if not for Rowling. 

Imagine if Martin or Tolkien were shoved aside from the franchises they started after saying something that people didn’t like. How much of an uproar would there be then? Imagine if Anne Rice (rest in peace)  had been removed from any discussions concerning her books, how would that have gone down? The fact that Rowling spoke up about her beliefs at a time when the madness was still swirling about like a cloud of hot sparks just waiting to land where they may and burn whoever was in the way. Being snubbed from the reunion show isn’t surprising either, since quite a few people in Hollywood are bound to cut or at least dampen ties with those that don’t feel the same way they do. 

For her own part, Rowling has managed to fire back and stand her ground more often than not, but saying that those who have benefited from the story she created are being ungrateful doesn’t sound entirely fair, though it does sound accurate. The fact is that Rowling isn’t bad off, and missing the reunion might be a hidden blessing if only because more than a few individuals in Hollywood think that she’s wrong for her opinions. What’s funny about that is that those who preach tolerance and understanding and acceptance appear to be those that are shouting down those that are willing to voice their own opinions while making sure that their own opinions of said people are broadcast loud and clear. It’s been this way for years now, and it shows no signs of stopping, as the hypocrisy of calling people out for opinions that others don’t like has only simmered for a while. Rowling has been on the hot seat for a while now since she made the comments that set people on her, and unfortunately, it did get her doxxed, and it has messed with her reputation for a while. The sad part of it this, those that don’t want to admit to their hypocrisy are those that believe they’re in the right, and the world is nodding its collective head at the moment.

Fighting against the tide that was bolstered by the MeToo and TimesUp movement, as well as everything else that’s happened over the years, has become more than a little tiresome, since too many people, famous and otherwise, have done whatever they could, said whatever they could, to push their own ideas while trying to condemn others for theirs. To this day there are still plenty of people that are willing to speak up for what they believe in and voice their own opinions, but many have found that those they idolize and hold to a different standard are bound to change their stance on one thing or another, or simply follow the pack, when they feel that it’s convenient to do so. What’s really disconcerting is that no matter who believes what there are moments when it happens that the ‘live and let live’ method is no longer followed by many people and is even considered a bit outdated.  On a positive note, Rowling is unbowed and is continuing forward despite any and all shade that’s been thrown in her direction, much as many people might have hoped for. The downside is that many people are going to be quick to condemn those that have a different opinion than their own. Even worse, those that don’t agree with the opinions of others often see fit to vilify and belittle opinions that they don’t like and are more than willing to ruin the reputation of those that they feel are ‘harming’ others with their opinions. 

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