Black Adam: Another DCEU’s Box Office Flop?

Whether you admit to it or not, Black Adam was one of 2022’s most-anticipated movies. The last time the DCEU released a movie was in 2021 with The Suicide Squad. Unfortunately, using Box Office standards, The Suicide Squad was a flop. With a budget of $185 million, it only achieved $168.7 million.

With Dwayne Johnson playing the lead character in Black Adam, expectations were high to see the actor debut in the cinematic universe. Box office numbers put the movie’s budget at an estimated $195 – $200 million. So far, it has only been able to gross $384.7 million. Although this may seem like profit was made, cinematic universe standards leave it as a Box Office disappointment.

With a worldwide release on October 21, 2022, few may argue that there may still be hope for the movie. As much as the logic may seem sound, it’s been over a month since it was released. Reports show the movie is grossing less with each passing week.

Well, Warner Bros. Discovery has openly disagreed with the published numbers. They are positive the movie would break even and record a massive profit. Part of the reason for their claim is the movie’s successful launch on Digital Platforms. The company wouldn’t be lying to itself, would it? Anyway, we can only wait and see.

Why was Black Adam a Box Office Flop?

While many of these are opinion-based, it doesn’t negate the fact that the DCEU still has a long way to go with its superhero movies. That, in itself, is surprising since DC Comics long existed before their rival, Marvel.

Here are possible reasons Black Adam didn’t live up to expectations.

Black Adam is not a popular superhero character

Black Adam

credit: Black Adam

Let’s be honest with ourselves and look beyond the cast and the storyline (we’ll get to that in a minute). Black Adam isn’t a popular superhero. As far as DC Comics is concerned, Superman and Batman continue to rank far above all. While the DCEU continues to bring in and string together its superheroes, fans and viewers are not so taken by it.

Unless you’re a DC Comics fan or a follower of the comics, you probably just heard about Black Adam from its trailer. Yes, Black Panther was introduced in the MCU out of nowhere and was a success. But then again, there’s a natural bias for Marvel’s superheroes, whether you choose to admit to it or not.

Then, there’s the storyline

Justice Society

credit: Black Adam

Let’s start with the Justice Society. What is that, who are they, and why should they exist? With no background story or build-up of their existence, Justices Society comes off as a low-level Justice League wannabe. Throwing in Viola Davis wasn’t enough to help the confusion as to why they exist.

What’s funnier is how they were assembled to stop and capture Black Adam. It’s more amusing to think they actually thought they could stop Black Adam. There hasn’t been a useless superhero agency like what the Justice Society gave us. 4 superheroes at the start of the movie, and only 2 survive in the end.

Then, there’s the villain who somehow manages to trace his 5,000-year-old ancestry. He raises a useless skeletal army of the dead that gets beaten by the regular folks of Kahndaq. It’s hard to appreciate and understand the twist in the true event that happened 5,000 years ago that makes this heir still longing to rule over a modern Kahndaq.

The Black Panther: Wakanda Forever effect

Black Panther

credit: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

The DCEU and MCU have been rivals for quite a long time, and understandably so. Maybe Black Adam would have survived and outperformed another MCU movie, but the hype around Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movie was too overwhelming. Black Panther has long gone beyond a cultural superhero movie, especially with the death of its lead cast.

Black Adam remarkably did well on its opening day and weekend. Even outside the United States and Canada, it has a successful opening. However, with MCU’s Wakanda Forever released about two weeks after, Black Adam was positioned to suffer.

Will there be a Black Adam sequel?

Although there hasn’t been an official announcement from Warner Bros, there are rumors and hopes for a sequel. Aside from the fact that the movie did not live up to expectations at the Box Office, its opening day and weekend earnings prove that it has got potential for a successful sequel.

As long as they do not repeat the mistakes in this movie, a Black Adam sequel has the potential to be one of DCEU’s successful films. They need to have a great buildup story and a better release date, away from any competition.


What do you think? Are you a fan of the 2022 Black Adam movie?

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