T.D.K. Actually Survived The Suicide Squad, Says James Gunn

T.D.K. Actually Survived The Suicide Squad, Says James Gunn

Who was the wackiest character in The Suicide Squad? Does T.D.K. come to mind? Oh, it very well should be. What did Nathan Fillion say about him? Is he formidable? Not at all. Annoying? Very much so. Just watch James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad on HBO Max and you’ll find out exactly why. I mean, you get your introduction to T.D.K. in the opening minutes of the movie. Here’s a bit of a spoiler alert: Nathan Fillion’s character doesn’t last too long. Flula Borg’s character Javelin even asks him what his name stands for. His response was perfect as he proudly answered it stands for him. Very bold words for a rather unusual character. Speaking of which, what are his powers? Hint: it has a lot to do with his name.

His name, which is basically letters (all names are letters, says Captain Boomerang), stands for the lamest comic book character name you can possibly think of. T.D.K. is an acronym for, wait for it, The Detachable Kid. Sounds wacky? Oh, very much so. What can a character who goes by that name possibly do? It’s exactly what it sounds like. In the opening scene of the movie, which is a very epic beach raid, we get to see T.D.K in action. In a blink of an eye, his arms detached from his body and they levitated over to the enemy soldiers… where they slapped them silly. It was a real Three Stooges moment that could only fit in a Suicide Squad movie directed by James Gunn.

Well, like the majority of the first team, T.D.K. met his demise on that beach. Or did he? Well, according to James Gunn, the very useless Squad member isn’t dead. Wait, what? But those soldiers shot his arms and he was laying on the beach in pain. Well, James Gunn says it isn’t so. He recently took to Twitter and said that if you look at the life signals in Comms hub, T.D.K.’s never really flatlined. I actually didn’t catch that the first time, but if James Gunn says it’s there, then I believe him.

Now this is some seriously head-turning information right here. I mean, was anyone really sad when T.D.K. met his (supposed) demise? I just thought it was seriously funny, as I assume everyone did. He’s not exactly an intentionally funny character, but then again, that’s precisely why he was funny. For a character who was only capable of controlling his detached arms, he’s about as lame as it gets. Why would anyone use him in their movie? Well, because there’s a James Gunn out there and he’s just a wizard at taking unpopular characters and making them noticeable. Let’s just face it, the whole movie of The Suicide Squad is the proof.

So James Gunn apparently wants T.D.K. to still be alive. That’s cool, but does anyone want to see this character again? As long as James Gunn is writing him, I will say yes. Nathan Fillion has made a habit of showing up in James Gunn’s movies, so I won’t be surprised if he makes an appearance as T.D.K. in another DC movie directed by James Gunn. In fact, why a movie? Walter Hamada himself says he wants James Gunn to return for another DC project and I hope it’s a Suicide Squad sequel. Despite the disappointing box office run the movie had, I’m still confident a sequel can happen. But let’s just say it doesn’t. T.D.K. can probably appear in another upcoming DC project, let’s say the upcoming Peacemaker series.

It makes sense, considering Peacemaker’s significant role in The Suicide Squad. He and T.D.K. have never met in the movie, but just imagine what an interaction between the two would be like. Peacemaker, being the abrasive, egomaniac that he is, will probably make fun of him constantly. We can expect nothing less from Peacemaker. If T.D.K. does appear in his series, it’ll probably be a small role. It can be a quick cameo or if James Gunn wants to keep Nathan Fillion around for a while longer, maybe he can give T.D.K. the sidekick role to Peacemaker. Yes, that’s a weird idea, but we all know that James Gunn excels with weird ideas.

First of all, where did this bizarre character even come from? Well, he originates from one of the lamest DC characters ever, the infamous Arm-Fall-Off-Boy. The Detachable Kid and his arms falling off? I still can’t get over the use of his powers. They come off and they smack you around. In that one scene, T.D.K. made us scratch our heads and laugh them off at the same time. If James Gunn can make that happen for just one scene with this character, he can certainly do more with him.

So what are your thoughts, DC fans? Is T.D.K. a character wacky enough for you to stick with? As lame as he is, he can still be used to serious comedic proportions. We trust you, James Gunn. Nathan Fillion and John Cena would make for a seriously hilarious dynamic duo.

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