Why DC’s Captain Boomerang Deserves a Solo Movie

Captain Boomerang

Well, he’s already been introduced in Suicide Squad, so it might be that he’s at least popular enough to think about giving him a limited solo series to see how things go before actually giving him a solo movie. But Captain Boomerang might have a little ways to go before people are really ready for this since as crazy and skilled as he is, he’s still seen as kind of a lower-level villain considering that he’s not a metahuman but is really good with boomerangs and is a tough individual. The only problem is that he’s not much of a fighter if the Suicide Squad movie has shown us anything, and while he is devious, he’s been taken out pretty easily by metahumans and has to fight dirty more often than not in order to get anywhere in life. But hey, he’s a villain, it’s what he does, and he can do it well enough to make his way along in the world. But thinking that he could possibly take on his own movie might require a bit of convincing when it comes to a lot of fans since he’s not exactly one of the most popular villains out there, even if he is one of the hardest to predict.

In a world where a lot of villains are able to produce energy blasts and have insane acrobatic skills, it’s hard to see just how a guy that slings boomerangs could be one of the top contenders in any fight, but somehow he manages since he’s also one of the most well-adjusted from a mental standpoint apparently, despite being a very sexist and openly racist character that tends to embrace who he is and doesn’t have the same issues like so many others that question their morality. With Harkness, what you see is what you get, and while that’s not exactly something to be entirely proud of in this case, it’s also a little refreshing since it’s not something that people have to worry about or theorize over. Too often we see heroes and villains struggle with issues of morality and ethics, but with this guy, it’s a straight shot from point A to point B and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks since he’s going to do what he wants and that’s that. Such character would be kind of refreshing really since it would be nice to see someone that’s going to go about their business and not have a mental breakdown over their actions. It’s a sociopathic way to live without a doubt, but it’s much simpler in terms of a story.

The way that Harkness has been set up in the initial Suicide Squad should hopefully be how he’s kept if he ever does get a solo movie since despite what anyone thought, Jai Courtney was actually pretty entertaining in the movie and provided a villain that wasn’t bound by the idea that anything he was doing was morally bankrupt or somehow so wrong that he should just accept the fact that he’s been locked away as a prisoner. He’s following his nature, being who he is, and obviously that’s going to get him into a load of trouble, but at the same time he’s not bound like so many others, and that’s liberating in a way even if it’s a bit horrific to others. But as far as giving him a solo movie, it would likely be best to include the Flash, his biggest enemy, in the mix since Harkness and the speedster have gone a few rounds throughout their history together. Maybe it would even be best to give Captain Boomerang a limited solo series since it could introduce his character and really flesh him out for those that haven’t read the comics. If nothing else it would be another story that DC could use to bolster their attempts to bring more and more characters to bear that people might want to learn about and possibly support. Harkness might be kind of a difficult character to get behind since he’s technically not even in the class of a few weaker heroes, but he’s still someone that’s wise to consider a threat when it comes to what he can and will do.

Arguing for so many different characters to have solo movies is a bit difficult when a lot of them are usually best as support characters and not much else, but if there’s even a chance that some of them could be a little more than that then it might be interesting to see how far their storyline can go. DC has so many heroes and villains on display at the moment that it’s hard to remember them all, especially those that have just emerged and were bound to the comics up until now. But a few of them might have a chance when it comes to having their stories displayed for everyone to see.

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