Why the “No Time To Die” Movie Has Been Delayed So Many Times

Why the “No Time To Die” Movie Has Been Delayed So Many Times

Why the “No Time To Die” Movie Has Been Delayed So Many Times

No Time to Die has been pushed three times now due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The film’s website announced that the John Bond film would resume on October 8th. The last time it hit the screens was in April 2020. The Bond franchise has installed the film 25 times, the last one marking the final appearance of Daniel Craig. He was playing as agent 007 of the British Secret Service. Rami Malek and Lea Seydoux are also featured. The delay has blown the cinemas, especially those that were closed down due to lockdown. Filmmakers like Steve McQueen and Danny Boyle couldn’t take it anymore. They had to write to the Government of the UK to call for financial support. “UK Cinema chains is one step to the abyss!” They exclaimed.

Other directors around the globe joined in the quest for seeking government support in cinema chains. “Film-going is likely to be extinct! ‘They warned.’ When the film was delayed for the second time in October, Cineworld said that the delays to releases of the big-budget showed how unviable the industry was. The latest movements Bond has made led to more postponements to significant releases. Sony has delayed other films like Cinderella, which features Camila Cabello, Tom Holland’s Unchartered, Jared Leto’s Morbius, Peter Rabbit 2, Afterlife, and Ghostbusters. Universal has also delayed the Bio by Tom Hank to November.

Need for Government Support

“Deciding to postpone No Time To Die Again was disappointing. It was also not surprising given the current Pandemic in the UK and the US which are the major film regions,” The Cinema Association of UK said. “Swansong and other films by Daniel Craig were postponed. This further drove the need to call on UK government support in the cinema sector,” The Chief Executive of the trade body, Phil Clapp, remarked. The association needs government support for direct funding to the cinema chains. The support will cover 80 percent of the ticket sales. Vue, a recognized chain, said the postponement was comprehendible. The ongoing attempts in film release in cinemas are our shared belief that the big screen has a brighter future.

Is Streaming The Next Option?

Fans speculate that the film will not be released in cinemas but on streaming platforms due to the current postponement. Pixar’s titles, one of the notable Disney titles, in addition to Mulan’s live-action remake, skipped the cinemas. Instead, they premiered on Disney+. Meanwhile, the HBO Max streaming service released Wonder Woman the day its cinema release was limited. In 2020, Warner Bros announced titles in 2021 like The Matrix 4 and sci-fi epic Dune. Their release pattern will be similar hence creating tension between US and Hollywood movie theatres. With Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes star in the historical drama, The Dig will be released this month in the selected cinemas in the UK. Netflix will avail the film from January 29th. When BBC News asked Fiennes if No Time To Die would suffer the same fate, and who would take his role, he said, “It is a good question, but the situation can’t allow me to answer it. I like when people go to the cinema and get the full big-screen energy effect behind the film. I am sure the executives are considering this proposal.

Is the October Release Viable?

“I still hope that we will conquer the situation and people will go to the cinema. Probably they need to be patient. Who knows? Maybe there are financial imperatives or reasons regarding the streaming system.” If the Bond film is released in cinemas in October, it will go for six years since the predecessor Spectre 2015 release. Six years isn’t long. That period saw the separation of GoldenEye and Licence to Kill release between 1989 and late 1995. So far, it is the most significant gap among Bond films. Spectre 2015, which was the last Bond film, cost $900m at box offices worldwide. The Pandemic is also responsible for the delay of other blockbusters like Marvel’s Black Widow and Maverick.

What Next For James Bond Franchise after No Time To Die

The James Bond franchise is likely to be renewed after Daniel Craig leaves the film. No Time To Die will then have new spinoff stories and a supporting cast. After releasing the film, the franchise considered changing its aesthetic and tone to win viewers of the next generation. Since 1962 when it began with Dr. No, the series has gone through various 007s. The series has gone through more aesthetics and tones in that time compared to other movie franchises. Series that have run for a long time pick style and stick with them. However, this is not the case for Bond. The series took the central character seriously despite the encounter with heightened love villains and interests. Meanwhile, Roger Moore of Live and Let Die reinvented 007 with the essence of a goofier.

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