10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie Teen Witch

10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie Teen Witch

10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie Teen Witch

A lot of 1980s movies having to deal with teenagers seemed intent on telling a story and doling out a moral as well. Teen Witch though delivered a very important message that a lot of people should take to hear when coming into their high school years. There’s no such thing as easy while you’re growing up and learning how to sort out your life, if you want it, then go get it. But learn how to earn it.

Here are a few things you might not have known about the film.

10. Robyn Lively‘s mom had a lot to do with the wardrobe.

Lively’s mother had a big hand in developing the wardrobe for the cast. She took care of the fashion and the design and made a little known movie become a teen sensation.

9. Lively had a real crush on her male costar.

Lively did have a real crush on Dan Gauthier, the guy that she’s trying win over in the film. But according her he was kind of a ladies man and hard to really pin down.

8. Dan Gauthier actually married his onscreen girlfriend.

Gauthier and his onscreen girlfriend got married not too long after the filming was done. Lively was kind of crushed but she still attended the wedding.

7. The PG sex scene wasn’t an original part of the film.

This scene wasn’t in the script to begin with and was kind of improvised so as to indicate that something had happened between the two stars. A lot of the cast agreed it would have been better to leave it out.

6. Nobody liked the rap number in the movie.

It was thought to be one of the most awful parts of the film and a lot of the cast wanted to take it out. But upon leaving it in they discovered that it was better off staying.

5. Lively twisted her ankle on set trying to get a move right.

She was attempting to get a dance move right and didn’t watch what she was doing. Sometimes actors suffer for their roles.

4. The cast had a lot of fun during the making of the film.

There were various points and time when the cast just couldn’t contain themselves and had to laugh. At least you know they had a good time.

3. Lively recreated a scene of the movie with Gauthier for her brother’s birthday.

Her brother must have been some fan because Lively and Gauthier recreated the entire scene down to the clothing styles and everything.

2. It became a cult classic.

No one was expecting this film to go anywhere and as a result they weren’t prepared to see how much people came to love it.

1. Lively had no idea it was so popular until she saw it.

For most of the cast the film was a paycheck and a way to get noticed but once Lively and the others saw it they came to realize just what they’d done and how special it was.

I kind of wonder now how many actors watch their own movies. It just seems like a lot of them don’t really understand the impact such movies make on people’s lives.


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