The Five Best Susan Sarandon Movies of Her Career

Seduction, humor, and sex appeal are all three aspects that Susan Sarandon has brought to the big screen over the years. Now that she’s getting older however humor and experience are more her thing since age kind of erases two of those after a while. Despite that she’s still a very lovely lady and her acting skill has never been in doubt no matter what film she’s been in. Some movies have shown her to be an absolute temptress while others have depicted her as the button-down mother figure that is seeking to leave behind a past of wild and crazy debauchery. But all in all Susan’s movie roles have provided a great deal of entertainment for her fans no matter what she’s been depicted as since she has the kind of charisma that makes you want to like her even if she turns out to be the antagonist.

Here are five of her best movies.

5. The Banger Sisters

Suzette is a woman that lives mostly in the past while Lavinia is the type that moves forward and yet pines for something even if she can’t understand why. When the two friends were tight and inseparable they were great together and were as wild and free as anyone could hope to be. But when Lavinia moved on Suzette kind of stayed in the past and refused to grow up. Upon being fired from her job though Suzette goes in search of her friend and when she finds her the fun really starts since Lavinia has a nice home, a family that doesn’t fully appreciate her, and no sense of who she used to be. Thankfully Suzette decides to change all of that.

4. Tammy

This movie is kind of a manic ‘can you top this’ moment that lasts for nearly two hours but is kind of entertaining in how crazy it can really get. When Tammy’s life is basically turned upside down she and her grandmother take a road trip to see her grandmother’s cousin. It’s there that Tammy is hit with some tough love and realizes that to make a difference in her life that she has to finally stop whining about it and make things happen. In the same process her grandmother, played by Sarandon, comes to realize that she needs to do something about her alcoholism. Eventually both of them get the help they need and life starts to take a turn for the better.

3. Stepmom

Being a stepmom is one of the hardest jobs in the world since it requires you to at least care for another woman’s kids and love them in a way that will never compare to their real mother. Of course there are exceptions to this rule in real life, but in the movie this just isn’t so as Sarandon’s character goes to great lengths to make sure that her kids are constantly on her side and always weary of their stepmother. At one point though she has to be honest with herself and her family that the kids’ stepmother is trying, and she is worthy of the chance to be loved just as much as she’s been throughout her kids’ lives.

2. Thelma & Louise

This is the kind of movie that seems to depict women that are backed against the wall and have no other way to go. The murder, despite being in defense of Thelma and justified, is something that both women fear will send them to jail for life. As they keep going however they just keep getting into more and more trouble as they’re forced to steal what they need to survive and continue to evade the authorities as they believe that no one will want to listen to their side of the story. This is kind of a sad tale in some ways since it speaks to a horrible inequality between men and women, but it was also used as a way to show the undeniable bond between friends.

1. Bull Durham

You definitely wouldn’t want to call Annie anything other than a lady who knows what she wants, but her reputation with the Durham Bulls is less than many women would think is respectable. That being said however she’s still someone that a lot of men seek out and want to be with, but only a few ever do since she’s very selective about who she chooses. When she has to choose between Ebby and Crash however, Ebby is the obvious choice since he’s young and easier to control, while Crash is the kind of guy that has experience and wisdom on his side and is more than a match for Annie in many regards.

In her day she was definitely one of the most seductive women on screen, but as time has gone by she’s remained one of the most entertaining thanks to her wit and acting ability.

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