Five Movies You Totally Forgot Daniel Craig Was In

Five Movies You Totally Forgot Daniel Craig Was In

Five Movies You Totally Forgot Daniel Craig Was In

Daniel Craig has become known throughout the last several years as one character and one character only, but he’s been in so many movies that people should know him by a wide variety of roles by now. As James Bond though he’s taken on one of the most iconic mantles that anyone could ever attempt to fill. In his younger years and throughout his career though Craig has managed to fill a lot of spots that have seen him as the good guy and the bad guy and a few times he’s been something in-between.

One thing he’s never done though is deliver a bad role.

5. Power of One

As Jaapie Botha the guy is just a world-class creep. Botha is the kind of guy that can’t think highly enough of himself to really get past the chip on his shoulder. But once he has power then there’s no stopping him since he’ll go as far as he needs to in order to prove that he’s better. The only trick about that is that better men usually don’t have to prove that they are through use of physical force.

4. The Golden Compass

He’s not much of a presence in this movie which could be why a lot of people tend to forget that he was even in it. But then again the movie wasn’t all that well-received as it was believed that the book was a lot better. The film unfortunately suffered in the way many films suffer when being adapted from a novel, meaning that a lot had to be left out and certain parts might have had to change out of necessity or because of the director’s vision.

3. Dream House

A man that’s lost his wife and children and is suspected of their murders might do anything to try to block out the pain and assume a new identity. The only problem is that the old memories will tend to bubble up from time to time and eventually will come crashing back in to spoil the illusion that’s been created. In this thriller Craig’s character essentially becomes someone else only to be haunted by who he really is.

2. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

In this film Craig gets to play a fellow tomb raider that doesn’t share the same scruples as Lara Croft but is still one of her allies and, at times, a rather suspicious fellow that does what he can to earn a living and get his way when he needs to. The relationship is somewhat tenuous at times but for the most part the two of them do get along so long as they are on the same side.

1. Road to Perdition

Connor is a sleaze and a weakling since quite honestly he has not a single shred of his father in him aside from what genetics allowed. Of course, given that his father is also a criminal there was only really two ways he could have gone. Unfortunately in the film he has the nerve to kill the wife and youngest son of one of the most deadly hit men on his father’s payroll. The fact that he runs and hides behind the mob is no surprise.

He’s done a lot in his career, it’s kind of easy to think that some stuff might have gotten lost in the mix.

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