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credit: The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

It’s corny, it’s campy, and it’s likely something that many people have watched more than once at this time just to see how many Easter eggs there are in the short but entertaining holiday special Such offerings from the MCU aren’t numerous. But one can’t help but think that there are bound to be plenty of people who will have something to say about this, so obviously, I decided to say something as well. It’s not bad, really, as the adventure that’s initiated by Drax and Mantis was kind of interesting and made for a few laughs that became kind of hokey after a while but still offered plenty of entertainment. The need to give Peter Quill a great Christmas as the main theme was kind of fun since one has to recall that Peter was abducted as a kid and therefore didn’t get a chance to lead a regular human existence, meaning he didn’t get to experience Christmas that often, especially since it’s shown that Yondu made it clear that he didn’t enjoy the mere thought of it. 

credit: The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

This is definitely a family-oriented tale. 

One thing that’s very easy to note is the fact that this holiday special is geared toward kids and families since there isn’t really much of a threat within this feature, nor is there an enemy to be fought against. This is, more or less, a story that’s all about giving someone a special holiday and instilling the belief that the Christmas holiday is more than its been made out to be, as is usual for this time of year. Without any religious beliefs being instilled within the story and without much of anything other than the desire to give Peter a Christmas as he remembered from his life on earth. In that light, it might very easily fall short of what several diehard MCU fans might like to see, but at the very least, it’s a fun time for the family during the holidays, especially since the humor is fairly light and not too complicated. 

Given everything that people have seen in the MCU, it’s odd to think that Mantis and Drax were considered oddities. 

Even on the west coast, it feels fair to say that people within the MCU have seen a lot either on the news or in person, so seeing a spaceship arrive in the Hollywood area doesn’t feel as though it would be quite that big of a deal. But then again, it could bring back a lot of sore memories of Thanos and his attempt to wreck shop on the Avengers again. Even this far after the Blip, it does feel as though enough people would continue to deal with the ramifications of the Infinity Saga. But then again, seeing as this is a holiday special, it’s also very easy to believe that much of what’s going on isn’t going to be considered canon, as specials such as this sometimes exist outside of the normal scope of the franchise. But if the rumors are to be believed, it does sound as though this is canon, which means it’s tough to think of why people would have such an issue seeing a spaceship at this point. 

credit: The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

The family secret that’s revealed is interesting, to say the least. 

The secret isn’t too surprising, to be fair, but it’s still something that feels as though it was tacked on for reasons that need to be explained at some point, especially if the secret is going to remain canon. It does paint Ego in a very negative light, though, which is tough to do since he wasn’t exactly a hero in the first place. But after thinking of all the children that Ego has had and sacrificed to make his vision for the universe, thinking that he kept Mantis around for his own purposes is even worse since she had to watch as he slaughtered his other kids, supposedly, and was fully aware of what could have happened to Peter. The fact that she helped to end their father helped to bond Mantis and Peter, so it’s easy to think that this relationship is bound to grow even stronger in the third movie. 

It would have been nice to see Gamora. 

There was mention of Gamora, but as the explanation for this goes, she’s off leading another band of Ravagers and thereby isn’t a part of the group at this time. Of course, one has to remember that she has no real knowledge of her fellow Guardians since she comes from a time before the group came together. Not only would this have made the feature even longer, it probably would have muddled the story in a big way. It sounds as though this will come when GoTG vol. 3 arrives, which a lot of fans are no doubt waiting to see. 

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