The Top Five Danny Glover Yelling Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Danny Glover Yelling Scenes in Movies

Danny Glover has a got a roar for a yell. This guy when he lets loose is a serious threat on the audio scale and can let it fly. Otherwise he seems like a kindly older man that you’d like to take a long walk with and pick his brain about this and that and wonder just what he knows that you don’t. Throughout his time in films he’s been in scifi, drama, action, thrillers, mysteries, you name it and he’s just about done it. A lot of times he’s kept his voice pretty chill and well-mannered but when it comes to really letting loose he doesn’t hesitate and he’s not shy about letting out one of those customary roars that can make you know that he means business.

Plus he seems like a cool guy.

5. Predator 2

I don’t get the feeling that any human is capable of lasting in a one on one with a Predator no matter how tough they are if they simply stand their ground. Now if they stick and move like it’s been seen in the movies they have at least a small chance, but in this film Glover’s been beaten and battered so badly that it’s really all he can do to stand up. But he hits where it counts when he needs to.

4. Angels in the Outfield

Being a pro baseball coach has to be a little stressful at times, especially if you’re in last place and can’t seem to catch a break no matter what you do. Then a kid comes along and tells you there’s angels on the field and they’re there to help your players and you’re expected to go along with it. What would you do? There’s no danger of slipping out of last place so you might as well go with it.

3. Prince of Egypt

Okay so I confess this isn’t a true yell but it’s still Glover raising his voice and in a very nice way this time. This song is one of my favorites from this film and fun to listen to since it’s easy to follow and to learn. He has a very small part in the film but it’s a meaningful one that carries a lot of weight within the story and grants a bit of understanding to the main character.

2. Lethal Weapon 3

At no time in the real world would this be okay, but in a movie it’s just hilarious. After being taken down from detectives to beat cops the guys have forgotten just about everything they knew about the job from the beginning. A jaywalking ticket seems kind of an insane thing to get busted for but if it allows them to let off a little steam and one jerk gets taken down a peg who’s getting hurt?

1. Lethal Weapon

Ever had salt rubbed in a wound? It doesn’t feel nice and it doesn’t just sting a little. It HURTS. It’s the kind of pain that you can get over relatively quickly if you know how but it lingers a bit. On a gunshot wound it would seem to be worse simply because the wound hasn’t been treated and could already be worsened by having grit and sand particles in the wound.

Danny Glover knows how to roar.

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