The Five Best Katie Holmes Movies of Her Career

Katie Holmes has had her ups and downs in Hollywood since her time on Dawson’s Creek was one of her most notable roles while her marriage to Tom Cruise was yet another notable moment in her life. In terms of her on screen appearances she’s been the type of actress that a lot of people like to see but it seems as though seeing her on the big screen has become rare over the years. It doesn’t seem that she’s lost any of her talent or even the edge that kept her as a competitive actress when she first started out, but there has been a bit of a change throughout her career that seems to have caused a certain shift. As of now she’s been seen with actor Jamie Foxx and seems to be doing quite well if anyone was interested. At this time it’s usually nice just to see her show up in a picture here and there since she’s a welcome face to just about any project.

Here are a few of her best movies to date.

5. Disturbing Behavior

Despite what Frank Calvillo of Cinapse says this movie has a pretty interesting premise. This is largely because a lot of high school kids tend to feel that they’re being turned into something they’d rather rebel against, and that everyone is out to get them at some point. Those that conform to what people expect of them have no worries other than the pressure that continues to mount when it comes to being the ideal student or overall person. But when it comes out that Cradle Bay is actively turning their kids into obedient kids that flip out at the drop of a dime it becomes a serious problem, especially since the doctor in charge of the procedures has done this before.

4. Go

Despite being one of the central characters to the story, Claire is still put on hold a few times as other parts of the story are fleshed out so that they can coincide with the rest of the tale throughout the movie. There are a few very tangible and important story lines in this movie to follow if you can keep your eye on them, but otherwise it’s the gathered stories of a bunch of people that have one or two connections between them that tie everything together. But from working for an ungrateful boss in a grocery store to shooting a bouncer and double-crossing a drug dealer this movie has a going for it to be honest.

3. Teaching Mrs. Tingle

Beth Pratt of Common Sense Media doesn’t have a lot of nice things to say about this movie, but to be perfectly honest if you have a teacher in your own school that you didn’t or don’t like this is one of the most perfect movies to watch. It’s not an intellectual thriller to be honest, but it’s something that could at least give you a good laugh and make you feel a little better once it’s all said and done. At the very least it might give you a different perspective and show you that having a bad teacher isn’t the end of the world, and that anything you might want to say or do could be one of the worst ideas possible. That, and it’s just a fun movie.

2. Abandon

If you enjoy a drawn-out mystery then this is the kind of movie for you. And if you happen to like twists then this would also give you a nice little thrill since Katie plays the poor, messed-up individual that’s being stalked through much of the movie by the young man she fell in love with, but is for some reason nothing but cruel to her. As the story continues to unfold and she continually begins to unwind however the twist eventually comes forth and you get the idea that this innocent, well-meaning young woman is anything but what she seems. Katie seems to have no problem playing individuals that are innocent on the outside but can harbor a rather dark side in certain circumstances.

1. The Gift

With the caliber of cast that this movie had and the way the story played out it didn’t really get enough credit since it was a pretty decent movie. Katie played a young woman who, honestly, the audience doesn’t know whether to feel sorry for or feel justified about her death since she was something of a miserable character from a moral standpoint. Of course wishing death on anyone, even a fictional person, isn’t all that nice, but the fact that her killer was finally brought to justice and she was able to rest in peace does bring some closure to the story since it was kind of a horrible death.

Katie has definitely found a niche in show business and works it whenever possible.

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