5 of the Most Devious Marvel Villains

5 of the Most Devious Marvel Villains
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credit: Marvel Comics

There are plenty of bad guys in the Marvel Universe, and while a lot of them have made their debut at this time, there are still more to come, and some are even worse than others. Those who have been given a chance to showcase their talents and penchant for evil might have already impressed the audience, while others have yet to earn that distinction.  But there are several villains that are so horrible when compared to others that it bears stating that a few of these individuals are even worse than the others.

Some are simply more violent, others are bent more toward domination of everything and everyone they see, and some are convinced without any doubt that they’re right and are able to convince others of their cause. But the fact is that Marvel does house plenty of psychopaths that are convinced that their own way is the only way to live, and it’s easy to point out some of the worst among them simply due to the deeds that have been committed over the years. 

Here are five of the most devious villains in the Marvel Universe. 

5. Carnage

How to Read Absolute Carnage, Marvel Comics' Spider-Man and Venom Crossover  - IGN

credit: Marvel Comics

Since his arrival to the Marvel Universe, Carnage has been one of the most destructive forces that anyone has ever seen, mostly because the host that took on the Carnage symbiote, Cletus Kasady, was a nutcase, to begin with.

Together, these two have become a singular force that has managed to carve a large swath through the Marvel Universe, taking on various heroes and villains over the years. The thing about Carnage though is that anything that comes between the symbiote and its host is bound to find that the two are inseparable and aren’t about to be divided. The Venom sequel that displayed the bond between these two wasn’t exactly perfect, but it did a good job of showing how close they grew so quickly. 

4. Red Skull

Darum weiß Red Skull in "Avengers: Infinity War" so viel über den  Seelenstein

credit: MCU

This entry should kind of speak for itself since anything positive that people might have to say kind of gets knocked out of the park by the fact that the Red Skull willingly worked for someone like Adolf Hitler and was more than willing to betray anyone he needed to in order achieve his goals.

On top of that, he’s just a horrible person that doesn’t mind harming anyone he needs to in order to get his way. There have been those who have attempted to justify this character’s existence and what he’s all about, but at the core of his being, there’s no other way to say it, he’s one of the vilest human beings that has ever graced the pages of Marvel comics. 

3. Ego

credit: MCU

It’s interesting how many people want to make justifications for beings when it comes to their motives and their desires. But even being who and what he is, Ego is still one of the worst parents and the most detestable beings in the universe, especially given the fact that he fathered an unknown number of children in the hopes that they would help him with the Expansion, his attempt to take over all life throughout the universe.

One could see how the desire to spread one’s influence over a given area might be desirable for those of a certain mindset, but killing off one’s children when they were deemed inadequate makes Ego one of the worst villains of all time. 

2. Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom Marvel Project Plans Revealed on Hot Mic | Den of Geek

credit: Marvel Comics

Some would claim that Doctor Doom needs to be seen through one lens or another when it comes to how evil he truly is, but time and time again, this character has proven that he’s not someone who can be trusted. Even during the types of situations where villains and heroes have to band together, he’s bound to return to type as quickly as possible.

Doom isn’t the type of ruler that would hope, as he’s as cruel a despot as has ever existed, and he’s usually bound to turn on anyone at the drop of a dime simply because he feels the need. There might be a few good qualities to Doom, but they’re buried rather deep. 

1. Thanos

Avengers: Endgame' Refresher: Thanos | Marvel

credit: MCU

The fact that anyone thinks that Thanos was right in what he did when he wiped out half of the known galaxy makes it evident that he’s one of the vilest individuals to ever find his way into the MCU. While his motives might have been altruistic in his own mind, and some people might have agreed with him, the fact is that he’s one of the most prolific mass murderers in the galaxy, and all he had to do was snap his fingers. Before that, however, he was still a rather violent and unforgiving character that knew how to manipulate and destroy others thoroughly and with as much violence as was needed. 

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