5 Marvel Superheroes Who Would be Great Teachers

5 Marvel Superheroes Who Would be Great Teachers

X-Men's Beast se ha convertido en un villano en comparación con el héroe  amado por los fanáticos - La Neta Neta

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For years now, the Marvel Universe has been able to entertain the masses and inspire people to tell their own stories and follow the stories laid down. But one thing a lot of people have never really talked about is the educational value of the Marvel Universe, especially since education isn’t exactly one of the main points of the hero vs. villain life. Still, it kind of has to be taken into account that education is a part of the whole story since there are plenty of heroes and even villains who have been teachers in the comics and the movies. This might be looked upon as another role in the story that needs to be filled, but it does beg the question of which heroes would be among the best qualified to teach others in real life, especially since there are characters that have a serious amount of knowledge and life experience that could help a lot of people learn what the world is all about. 

Here are five heroes that would be great teachers. 

5. Jessica Jones

Review: 'Jessica Jones' Returns, Well Timed for the Time's Up Moment - The  New York Times

credit: MCU

I know, this is kind of an odd pick since Jessica Jones doesn’t exactly come off as a people person in the Netflix show that depicted her as a drunken investigator that hated a lot of folks, but there is more there than just the surly attitude to this woman. There’s a great deal of life experience to be gleaned from Jessica if she finds herself willing to put up with students and endure the day-by-day struggle to come up with a lesson plan that will conform to what a school district demands. Of course, it’s always possible that she might come up with her own way of doing things that would work just as well. 

4. Vision

Paul Bettany on whether he'll return as Vision in the MCU

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Being a sentient AI with a real body, Vision is uniquely suited to be a teacher since he knows a great deal about, well, everything, thanks to his programming. And what he doesn’t know, he can learn in a very short time thanks to his programming. The only way that this character might fall short of being a great teacher would be his lack of a sense of humor that at times reveals that he’s a machine who emulates human beings, but is never going to be one. With that fact realized and easily set aside, it’s fair to say that the Vision of the MCU could have been one of the greatest teachers of all time. 

3. Jean Grey

The X-Men's Jean Grey is Becoming More Important Than Ever Before

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The fact is that Jean Grey has been a teacher at Xavier’s school, so she’s already suited for it and can take care of a classroom on her own and be quite good at it. Her telepathic abilities would come in handy to help her students during rough times and to figure out when they need and/or want help, which means that she could even be a counselor as well. But as a teacher, it does feel that Jean would be an invaluable resource to just about any institution since, apart from her ability to teach and her patience, she has a great deal of empathy that could put a lot of students at ease. 

2. Captain America

Captain America (Steve Rogers) | Characters | Marvel

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History and P.E. would be two of the biggest subjects that a lot of people might think about when it comes to the idea of Steve Rogers taking on his own classroom since the guy is intelligent and he’s fit, and capable of handling his own classroom. Thinking that he might be able to tell kids a few things that aren’t put in the history books would be interesting since it’s easy to think that he might be able to tell them a little more about the second world war than the books could. As far as being a P.E. teacher goes, it stands to reason that he would be great at it simply because he knows how to inspire people in a very convincing manner. 

1. Beast

It doesn’t feel as though there are a lot of courses that Hank McCoy wouldn’t be able to teach since the guy is a genius, and he’s also a very patient and caring individual that knows how to deal with people when and if they’re willing to listen. As one of the more intelligent members of the Marvel Universe, Hank is also one of the most patients since, as a mutant he’s had to deal with a great deal of hatred and bigotry in his life. Unlike a few mutants though, he’s been able to take that abuse and still maintain his stance that humanity is not all bad and that humans and mutants can still coexist on a certain level. That’s a big reason why he could be a great teacher. 

Most heroes have something to teach people, and it’s about more than how to vanquish evil. 

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