The Suicide Squad vs. The Sinister Six: Who Wins?

It makes sense that this kind of an idea would create a debate that a lot of people might chime in on since any time it comes down to Marvel vs. DC in any capacity, it’s bound to happen that fans will stand up and try to voice their opinion when it comes to what they believe would happen in one fight or another. When it comes to the various villains that occupy each universe though, one might assume that a lot of people might not really care as much. That would be an amusing and very wrong assumption since the truth is that people are bound to argue no matter what, especially given that those that live for debates such as this are bound to pick a side and start listing off the many ways that one group or the other is bound to have the edge because of this character or that one, or because one character has capabilities that can’t be easily matched by anyone. When talking about the Suicide Squad and Sinister Six, it’s fair to state that there isn’t one character out of the bunch that can’t be matched by someone from the opposite group. 

The matchups might be tough to perfectly coordinate, but a lot of people online have already given the Sinister 6 the edge even if they won’t give the reason. The thing is that one has to understand which version of each group we’re talking about, since the members have come and gone over the years, and this would change the chance of each group when it comes to winning and possibly surviving to the end of the fight. There is a reason why the Sinister 6 might be able to take the fight, and it has a lot to do with who’s more ruthless, who has the better capabilities, and who could possibly outpace the other group. DC has a group of certified killers that are all ready and willing to fight, but as it’s been seen in the movies, the Suicide Squad members aren’t all bloodthirsty even if they’re ready to throw down, so it’s likely that, depending on who is selected for each squad, that the chances of walking away would depend heavily on how violent each character on each team is known to get. 

Both groups can get down and dirty and if we’re talking about the Green Goblin, Vulture, Doctor Octopus, Lizard, Rhino, and Venom as it shows in the picture versus Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Katana, Killer Croc, and Enchantress, and maybe even Diablo, it’s fair to say that this would be a heavy-handed fight that would see a lot of casualties by the end since there are obvious weaknesses that need to be addressed, as well as strengths that need to be recognized. Right off the mark, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Katana, and Captain Boomerang would need to be given a serious look as to being prone to heavy damage since, despite their skills, which I won’t discount, they’re not superhuman in any way and might not last long going toe to toe with several of the Sinister 6 members. On that note, however, the Green Goblin and Doc Ock might be seen as vulnerable as well considering that they’re both human, though the Goblin has been enhanced in a big way. Diablo might be a big problem for Venom, while the Enchantress might be an issue for the entire team. 

Like I said though, I’m not discounting their abilities, since Deadshot lives up to his name more often than not, while Harley Quinn’s madness is one of her greatest assets, while Captain Boomerang is effective in his own way, but might be the first casualty in this fight. Katana would no doubt be effective, but against opponents that are much stronger and not as easy to wound or kill, it feels as though she might be dealt with as well. Doctor Octopus isn’t the strongest fighter but he’s one of the deadliest combatants thanks to his extra appendages, while Venom and Lizard are powerhouses all on their own, as is Rhino. The difference is that Rhino is often easier to goad into a rash action and is, therefore, easier to take down, if by easy one means insanely tough and taxing. Deadshot is a lethal foe from a distance or up close, but the thing is that the Green Goblin is bound to give him some troubles, especially with his own ranged attacks and variety of bombs that can be tossed. 

At the end of the day both groups have enough skill to take each other down if the opportunities were presented, but the greatest asset that either team needs to have is cohesion, since while it’s true that a few of the villains have gone over to the other side in the past, the ability to work together and not as individuals isn’t especially strong in either group unless they have something to fight for, a common goal. The unfortunate part is that there are times when they’re more likely to look out for themselves and ignore the group if there’s too much trouble. 

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