Thor vs. Black Adam: Who Wins?

Thor vs. Black Adam: Who Wins?
Thor vs. Black Adam: Who Wins?

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There’s been talk that Dwayne Johnson might want to see how Black Adam would fare against the MCU heroes, and it’s not a bad idea. Still, the fact is that as excellent as Black Adam is and as powerful as he’s been made out thus far in his own movie, it’s likely that the MCU could put up a few individuals that might give this character trouble or defeat him entirely. Now, it’s tough to convince many people that the MCU could field someone who might have a chance against  Black Adam, at least in a straight one-to-one match, but there are a few individuals that might fit the bill, and one of them might surprise people. Thor has been through quite a bit in his MCU career, but his power levels have fluctuated since his inclusion. Thinking that Thor couldn’t hang with Black Adam is something that might people could be entertaining, but thinking that it would be an easy fight is kind of humorous. 

Thor vs. Black Adam: Who Wins?

credit: @QuirkyBite

Black Adam looks tough enough to take on Thor with minimal difficulty. 

The way that this character has been built up does make him appear to be far superior in a lot of ways since Thor has been run around a few times during his movies and made to look a bit foolish now and then. At this point, it doesn’t seem Black Adam will be made to look foolish in any way, but this could be DC trying to ensure that the character is taken seriously. So many superheroes have been made to look a bit comical in the past several years that it’s funny to think that any of them will be taken seriously after a while. But right now, it does appear that Black Adam is no one to be messed with since the guy looks like he’s carved from stone and doesn’t have a sense of humor to speak of. 

Thor isn’t a pushover; it’s possible that he could take on Black Adam.

It feels more than possible to be fair since Thor is a god that’s been fighting for longer than many people have been alive, and when it comes to brute strength and sheer power, he’s one of the more powerful beings in the comic book world. In the movies, he’s been seen de-powered and has been made into a kind of buffoon sometimes. But he’s also been seen as a great hero capable of taking on opponents that would destroy entire worlds if they could. Coupling his representation in the comics with his on-screen persona is difficult since the two are slightly different in temperament and how they get things done. But if this were an actual fight to the death between these two, and both were given their best representation, it feels likely that Thor would pull ahead after a while. That might anger some DC fans and might even be up for debate with several Marvel fans, but the fact is that both men are powerhouses, and both have a tone of experience when it comes to taking on powerful opponents. 

Thor vs. Black Adam: Who Wins?

credit: @QuirkyBite

It wouldn’t be an easy fight. 

Neither fighter would trounce the other; that much has to be said. Thor and Black Adam are powerful enough to destroy an entire countryside, if not an entire world, if they were to really let go of their powers. But where fans really diverge in their opinions is when it comes to who is the more efficient with their power and how has managed to do more during their time in the comics. Many would say that Black Adam would win the fight since he’s always ready to tear someone apart, and he’s able to take on Superman, the guy that Thor has had problems with in the past regarding crossovers. But then again, Thor has the guy who beat Shazam, the hero capable of taking on and taking down Black Adam. If it came down to listing who each character has beaten and who they’ve been beaten by, the argument wouldn’t end any time soon. 

Thor would take the win, but it would be a tough fight. 

Between combat experience, raw power, and the many different abilities that both combatants possess, this fight would be a serious matter since it would come with a lot of collateral damage. But speaking to the effect the fighters would feel, it’s easy to think that Black Adam would attempt to use his tactical thinking to the best advantage. Against Thor, however, this wouldn’t be as big of an advantage as one might think. While their strength and speed are impressive, one has to remember that while Black Adam can summon lightning, Thor commands the lightning and could easily turn this to his advantage

In other words, Thor would edge this one out, and Black Adam would find himself on the losing end. 

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