Comic Series “Gun Honey” Is Getting a TV Show

Comic Series “Gun Honey” Is Getting a TV Show

Comic Series “Gun Honey” Is Getting a TV Show

Femme fatale characters are not hard to find, but quality femme fatale characters are kind of difficult to nail down really since once a trend starts, a lot of people want to try and get in on it and put their own spin on the idea in order to prove that they have something that people can’t do without. Gun Honey is a character with her own unique traits and qualities that has been created as a figure that is indicative of those that brought her to life and as a result, she is unique in this way while at the same time being the best she is at what she does is an idea that has been seen numerous times and can easily create a debate between movie fans whether they’ve read the comic or not. The reasoning behind creating a character to be the best at what they do is easy to see since no one wants to talk about second-best or someone who’s good enough but not that great. The best usually have the most interesting stories, and they’re ready for trouble at the drop of a hat. This does sound how Gun Honey, or Joanna Tan, will work as a character.

It does sound like another exciting story with a female protagonist, but it also sounds like another story that might be following a very familiar theme since something will go wrong with a person that she allowed to escape and she’ll have to deal with it and deal with something from her past as well. This is the kind of tale that has been told numerous times and yet it’s still popular enough to keep being told with different characters. Those that are familiar with this type of story will no doubt recognize it while those that haven’t seen it nearly as much or simply don’t care and want to enjoy the show likely will. Anytime a character’s past is brought into a story, be it shady or otherwise, it’s bound to be a good time.

As a TV series, this idea might find a good amount of success, though as a movie it probably would have been a tougher sell if only because not that many people know about it compared to many of the other projects that are currently ongoing. It’s possible that a big-screen appearance might be in the cards if it does well enough, but that has yet to be determined and on top of that, one can probably count on two hands how many femme fatale movies have lasted for more than a month or two before being surpassed. That’s not to say that none of them are worth watching, it’s simply a fact that at one point or another, they get filed away with other movies to be thought of as interesting but nothing special, or entirely forgettable since they didn’t live up to the hype. There are those movies led by femme fatale characters that go on to gain fame and notoriety, but they tend to be a little rarer than people like to admit. They’re definitely capable of attracting an audience, but the content needs to go beyond the two-hour mark, so hopefully Gun Honey will be able to last beyond a couple of episodes.

There’s no bias to speak of when it comes to a female lead driving a story, at least not from this corner, and in fact, it’s been fun to witness several movies and TV shows that have gone this route since there are those times when things tend to happen that make the story even better and a lot more dynamic when this is the way things are set up. As I mentioned above, this type of story has been told many, MANY times over throughout the years and even with a female lead it becomes predictable at times, but there are those moments when one can’t help but think that this might be different, that this time might show us something that we haven’t seen repeatedly and apparently without end. Gun Honey has a chance, just like any show, to give the fans something that will open their eyes to a different story that will set them on their heels a bit and make them realize that it is possible to keep pushing the envelope.

The big hope is that this show will be something that people will be talking about in a positive way once they’ve seen it and perhaps will inspire those behind the story to continue forward with it or come up with something just as good to follow. Nothing is ever certain until we get to see what all the hype is about, and even then it’s a matter of perspective as to how good something really is.

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