The Frat Pack’s Lowest-Grossing Movies Of All Time

The Frat Pack’s Lowest-Grossing Movies Of All Time

The Frat Pack’s Lowest-Grossing Movies Of All Time

Since the nineties, the Frat Pack, a comedy group of nine, has consistently released films featuring at least two of its members. The group has been incredibly successful, collectively grossing figures in the billions. They have more successes than they do losses, which makes for any great filmmaking story.Like every other story, the Frat Pack’s isn’t all highs without any lows. While most of their films have done pretty well, some haven’t. These are some of their box office flops:

1. ‘The Suburbans’ ( $11,130)

Featuring Will Ferrell in a leading role, The Suburbans, released in 1999, told the story of a once-popular rock n’ roll band that reunited to perform at one of the member’s weddings. A record executive’s attempt at resurrecting the band failed, given their now more reserved lifestyle. Ferrell player the role of Gill, the band’s bass player, in whose wedding they performed. Ben Stiller, yet another member of the Frat Pack, played the minor role of Jay Rose, the owner of a record company. While the concept of the movie was great, it did not perform so well at the box office, managing an $11,130 gross against an unknown budget. It remains the lowest-grossing Frat Pack movie to date.

2. ‘The Wendell Becker Story’ ( $ 153,169)

Released in 2005, The Wendell Becker Story was an all-Wilson project directed by Luke Wilson and his older brother, Andrew Wilson. In addition to starring in the movie, Luke Wilson was also responsible for the script. The film featured two other members of the Frat Pack, Luke’s brother, Owen, who played the role of Neil King, and Will Ferrell, who portrayed Dave Bix. Commercially, the film did not do so well at the box office, grossing $153, 169 against an $8 million budget.

3. ‘Bottle Rocket’ ($560,069)

Directed by Wes Anderson, Bottle Rocket was released in 1996 and was the very first Frat Pack movie ever made. The film featured the Wilson brothers, Owen and Luke, both playing leading roles. It wasn’t so much a commercial hit, grossing $560,069 against a $5 million budget. Created off of Anderson’s previous short film that bore the same name, it helped catapult the director’s career. Movie critic Roger Ebert wrote of the film: “The formula provides some nice small moments, but they don’t add up to much; they suggest that these filmmakers might make a better movie the next time, when they depend less on their own familiar personalities and inspirations and more on an original screenplay.”

4. ‘Permanent Midnight’ ($1.2 Million)

Created from the life of author Jerry Stahl, Permanent Midnight was the film version of Stahl’s autobiography, detailing his rise above ranks as a comedy writer. At the peak of Stahl’s career, the writer was making an estimated $5000 weekly from writing comedy. In the film, Stahl was played by Ben Stiller, who had the support of another member of the Frat Pack, Owen Wilson. Wilson portrayed the character Nicky.

5. ‘Brad’s Status’ ($3.8 Million)

Starring Ben Stiller as Brad Sloan, a non-profit organization boss who was baffled by the success of his peers, Brad’s Status, released in 2017, featured former The Office star, Jenna Fischer as Brad’s wife. One other member of the Frat Pack was also featured in the comedy drama. Luke Wilson played the role of Jason Hatfield, Brad’s friend. Commercially, the film grossed an estimated $3.8 million against an unknown budget, making it the fifth lowest-grossing Frat Pack movie of all time.

6. ‘ The Big Year’ ( $7,448,385)

Directed by David Frankel, The Big Year was released in 2011, and based on Mark Obmascik’s book titled The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature and Fowl Obsession. The film told the story of a competition amongst birders, who were set on identifying different species of birds in North America. The Big Year featured two members of the Frat Pack, Jack Black, who played the role of Brad Harris, and Owen Wilson, who portrayed Kenny Bostick. Commercially, it was a flop, grossing $7, 448, 385 against a $41 million budget.

7. ‘Tenacious D In The Pick of Destiny’ ( $13 Million)

Based on the lives of comedic rock duo Tenacious D, Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny was released in 2006. The musical fantasy featured Frat Pack member Jack Black in the leading role, through which played himself, alias “ Jables”, one half of Tenacious D. The film also featured Ben Stiller, who played the role of a guitar center guy and was a producer. The last member of the pack, who appeared in a deleted scene, was David Koechner. The film did not do so well at the box office, recording an estimated $7million loss against a $20 million budget.

8. ‘Envy’ ($14 Million)

Directed by Barry Levinson, Envy was a 2004 movie that featured Frat Pack members Ben Stiller and Jack Black as stars. Jack portrayed Nick Vanderpack, Tim Dingman’s coworker at 3M, who had one too many get-rich-quick schemes up his sleeve. Lucky for him, Nick landed his big break by inventing a spray that fragmented dog waste. The more luck was on his side, the more jealous his friend got. Commercially, the movie flopped, grossing an estimated $14 million against a $20-$40 million budget.

9. ‘Rushmore’ ( $19 Million)

Released in 1998, the coming-of-age drama Rushmore was yet another Frat Pack film brought about by the genius of Wes Anderson. Its screenplay was a collaboration between Anderson and Frat Pack member Owen Wilson. In the film, Luke Wilson played the minor role of Peter Flynn. Commercially, it was a success, grossing an estimated $19 million against a $9-$10 million budget. However, it still ranks as one of the lowest-grossing films by the Frat Pack, given that the highest-grossing film stands at a high of $665 million.

10. ‘Over Her Dead Body’ ( $21 Million)

Starring Paul Rudd and Eva Longoria, Over Her Dead Body, was a romantic comedy that told the story of Kate, who died on her wedding day. Following her death, Kate’s partner, Henry, moved on swiftly. She wasn’t buying it, despite being six feet under, and decided to torment Henry’s new love interest. The film also featured a cameo by Frat Pack member Owen Wilson. Commercially, it did pretty well, grossing an estimated $21.5 million. It however ranks as one of the Frat Pack’s lowest-grossing films to date.





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