10 Avengers You Probably Don’t Remember

For every Avenger that people know about in the Marvel universe there are probably 2 or 3 that they don’t know about since there are honorary Avengers, reservist Avengers, and members of teams that haven’t been mentioned or even formed in the MCU as of yet. At one point in the comics, it feels as though memberships were being handed out at the same rate as new gym memberships on January 1st since every other hero decided to join up or was invited at one point or another. But there are plenty of Avengers that you might never see in the MCU either because they’re a bit ridiculous or because they only show up once in a blue moon if that often. Plus, some of them aren’t exactly the same caliber as those that have been seen on the big screen at this time. Here are 10 Avengers you probably don’t remember. And if you do, then kudos to you. 

10. D-Man

Anyone that has to fashion their costume after two heroes that are infinitely more popular is someone that’s bound to be forgotten, but D-Man did have the skills to hang with the Avengers for a bit. But he had this irritating habit of almost dying a lot of the time. 

9. Two-Gun Kid

Time travel was necessary for this member to join up. During an event that involved the Avengers battling Kang the Conqueror, the Two-Gun Kid was intrigued by the band of costumed fighters and decided to help them out. He did travel to the modern world but would eventually return to his own time. 

8. Jack of Hearts

Jack of Hearts was actually a rather powerful character, but he also needed a special suit to contain his powers since otherwise, he might have exploded at any given moment. But for one reason or another, he wasn’t really seen to be a great enough asset to keep him around for an extended period of time. 

7. Aaron Stack

This Avenger was another machine that had his issues with the Avengers before joining the team for a while, and it’s easy to see why he might be forgotten. It’s not just that there are so many Avengers, it’s that there are some that are truly hard to get into since they might have started out as enemies or they might not warrant much attention. 

6. The Protector

Like a few others on the long list of names that the Avengers can boast, The Protector was part of a few Avengers teams over the course of his time with the team. He didn’t exactly have the best relationship with the team at first, but as it happens in the comics, things can change. 

5. Moondragon

Through a slightly convoluted storyline, Moondragon is the daughter of the man who was used by Kronos to become Drax the Destroyer, as Kronos needed someone that could eliminate Thanos, who was responsible for her father’s death and the course her life took. She’s been prominent throughout the comics, but it’s easy to see how people might forget that she was an Avenger at one time.

4. Whizzer

This character was a bit strange since after being bitten by a cobra his father then injected him with mongoose blood, which had a strange reaction due to his inherent mutant DNA. As a result hew developed superhuman speed and strength, and went on to become the Whizzer, which is definitely an odd sounding name but likely sounded a lot better in another time. He was what you might call an honorary Avenger since by the time he fought at their side he was pretty old and on his way out. 

3. Moira Brandon

Some might argue that this one doesn’t even count since Moira wasn’t really a hero, she was an actress whose home the Avengers moved into. When a villain was threatening Hawkeye and Mockingbird however, Moira managed to get in the way and saved them both, which impressed them so much that Hawkeye made her an honorary Avenger before she passed away. It might not count to some, but if a person is made an Avenger, that’s all that matters. 

2. Doorman

For a guy that has a rather impressive power, Doorman sounds like kind of a jerk. While he was a part of the Great Lakes Avengers he continued to compare the team to the original Avengers, which one can only imagine would get old after a while. But his power to create portals that would allow people to move through him and through the walls he stood against could be cool, or awkward. 

1. Stingray

One very funny thing about this guy, apart from the idea that his suit was meant for underwater exploration, is that at one time he actually went to fight the Hulk for one reason or another. Needless to say, someone had to intervene to keep him from getting squashed since like it or not, a guy in a suit isn’t going to last long against the Hulk when he’s mad, just ask Tony Stark. 

If we see any of these Avengers in the future you’ll know that the MCU is scraping the bottom of the barrel. 

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