The Five Best Logan Lerman Movies of His Career

There are a lot of actors that play characters that are actually quit a bit like their off screen persona, and Logan Lerman is one of them. He’s not really into sports, he’s kind of a homebody, and he’s admitted that he’s the kind of person that he’s kind of a quiet and reserved person. This tends to go along with a few of the roles he’s played over the years since he hasn’t really been seen to be all that much of a standout when it comes to his roles. He’s taken on a few notable roles that have seen him as a big part of the movie, but in a way that seems able to be pushed to the side more often than not. That being said, he’s utterly fascinated with many facets of show business and seems as though he’d like to take his turn behind the camera as well when the time comes. This is a pretty common desire for a lot of actors, but one has to wonder where Logan would be more comfortable, or if he could find a happy medium between the two.

Here are a few of his best movies.

5. Gamer

For someone that’s so quiet and reserved in person Logan can still play a character that’s kind of cocky and even a bit arrogant at times. In this film, which was deemed kind of a dud by critics, he’s actually controlling another human being in a live-action game. This is done via technological means that link his system and the player in a way that allows him to control the person much as he would a video game, making it a very real life, live or die scenario. Luckily for him the character he uses is one of the best in the game and is the envy of every other gamer in the world since he’s racked up more kills than anyone else.

4. The Patriot

So yeah, this is a highly-fictionalized story of the Revolutionary War and a man who’s attempting to keep his family safe and together, but it was well done and if taken as a bit of fiction it’s actually kind of inspiring. This scene among all of them seems too unreal to have ever been possible but it’s still impressive to watch since it shows such a synchronized attack against a foe that should have been able to attain victory that it makes one believe in miracles. The two young boys shooting and reloading over and over again seems the work of a father that only taught them how to be prepared but was fully ready to let them experience what it was like to kill another human being. Disturbing is the first word to use, but it’s still impressive.

3. Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

There were some very high expectations for this film since people tended to like the books. The only problem here is that the movie take a while to make and in the book the main protagonist isn’t bound to age as much as Logan has been doing throughout the years. The story is actually rather enticing as it’s a new spin on Greek mythology, something that’s been going on now for a while since the current era wants to relate to the old myths and legends in a way that makes more sense. But where it kind of seemed to fail was in the fact that it relied so heavily on including as many legends into the film as possible. It succeeded because of this as well, but it still seemed to drag it down at the same time.

2. Fury

War is not something that’s easily described as the men and women that endure it don’t always care to speak of the horrors they’ve seen, done, and experienced. The tank crew in this movie is a tightly-knit bunch that don’t necessarily take that well to their new member, but are bound to take him into their confidence as they need him no matter their reservations. But in the heat of battle there’s no room for doubt and there’s nothing else to be done but to follow the will and orders of one’s commanding officer. This is usually one of the best ways to increase one’s chance of survival, as well as to gain the regard of those one is fighting alongside.

1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Being accepted in life is rough. It’s something we all want but not all of us know how to get. Charlie is perhaps as close to Logan’s actual character as anyone ever gets to see as he’s the kind of guy that doesn’t talk much and is an easy target for a lot of people. But when he meets up with two friends that are accepting and willing to let him into their lives he can’t help but feel a bit of hope that things might turn out okay.

Logan is a unique talent that people do like to see on occasion.

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