William Shatner Shoots Demons with a Shotgun in “Devil’s Revenge”

Devils Revenge

It’s not all that often we get to see William Shatner getting violent on screen any longer is it? In fact it seems as though it might have been a while since he even picked up a weapon and really went to town with it. Plus the best thing is that he’s starring with fellow Star Trek Alum in this strange but compelling movie titled Devil’s Revenge, and he gets to shoot at demons with a shotgun. Now if that’s not bound to please at least a few people then it seems like nothing might. I’m firmly with Dan Zinksi from ScreenRant on this one in saying that this movie looks like it might lean on the side of crazy, and the plot does look kind of twisted and convoluted for something that’s likely going to be quite simple at its end. But all the same you can imagine that people are going to be flocking to this movie, or at least diehard Shatner fans will since it’s been a while since he’s really done anything worthy of note, at least to those that don’t follow him around like love-starved puppies hoping for an autograph (does that still happen these days?).

The story seems pretty straightforward as an archaeologist goes looking for something that can revive his career only to discover a portal to hell that places a curse on him and his family in turn. In order to lift the curse he has to destroy the relic that caused it in the first place, but you can bet that the devil and his minions aren’t going to allow that to happen. It’s a rather simple plot and one that can be followed without really needing to watch every step of the movie it would seem, but from the trailer thus far it looks like something that might fly off the rails a time or two and possibly confuse anyone that steps out for a drink or a bathroom break and then comes back. The whole idea of a gateway to hell is something that’s been done over and over but there are so many ways to do it thankfully that it’s still a popular idea and one that can possibly continue to remain fairly fresh as the years pass on and more and more B movies are made so that the viewing public has something to watch between the big, major motion picture blockbusters and huge shows that take forever between seasons and allow us to talk, theorize, and otherwise tear down our favorite shows and movies. Thanks to the B movies we almost always have something to talk about if we’re willing.

According to John Squires from Bloody Disgusting the movie will be making its way to the people at the beginning of October, so we don’t have too much longer to wait. But you can expect this to be just one of many horror movies that will be making their way to the people in the coming month since Halloween isn’t all that far off and around this time of year everything begins to become themed in one way or another. If you’ve been in the stores you might have already seen decorations and even costumes coming out in preparation. The Devil’s Revenge is bound to be another movie that gets latched onto by a lot of people that simply like the fact that a few Star Trek alums have found something to do with their time, but there might be a few that are genuinely intrigued by the demonic implications and the idea that Shatner might turn out to be something of an expert demon killer.

Thus far the movie looks like it might be on the border between being something worthwhile and something you might just look at and say ‘meh’. The effects look as though they might be up to snuff and exciting enough to really pull someone in, but the story, while interesting, could have used a little work. While the whole demonic angle does manage to pull a lot of people in at times there’s a certain formula that works and one that doesn’t and everything that lies in-between is kind of hit and miss. The whole cursing of the person that found the relic and their family is something that’s kind of old school and can be a lot of fun, but if it’s taken in great quantities it tends to get stale pretty quick. Still, it might be worth it to take a look at this movie and just watch it for the entertainment value and nothing else. After all, some of the best stories can be found in some of the cheapest movies sometimes. Like I said though, a lot of people will likely watch it just because of Shatner.

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