That Time William Shatner Sold His Kidney Stone for $25,000

That Time William Shatner Sold His Kidney Stone for $25,000

The one thing you can say about the time that William Shatner sold his kidney stone for a whopping $25,000 is that the money was used for charity. It went to the building of a house by the Habitat for Humanity, so at least it was for a good cause, but come on. Of all the things he could have sold this was without a doubt one of the grossest things you could imagine. Does anyone know what a kidney stone is? Do you understand where it’s been? Even if it’s thoroughly cleaned and sanitized it’s still the idea of where it came from that makes it a very disturbing sale since the truth is that kidney stones, formed in your kidneys obviously, pass through your body and are essentially composed of elements in a person’s urine that harden and become hard little objects that must be passed out in just one way if surgery isn’t involved. If you can’t think of how a kidney stone might be passed then you need another run through Health class.

If they’re not taken out by surgery, which means they’ve become that much of a problem, then kidney stones are normally peed out. That’s right, they pass through the urethra where they can cause a lot of problems, such as blocking the pipes so to speak and preventing them from working correctly. And this is something that someone thought was worth around $25 grand because it came from William Shatner. This is why I really think that some Trekkies, if it was a Trekkie, are flat out nuts. Not crazy, not properly insane like some people, but gibbering, mouth-breathing nuts to think that such a thing is worth even a small bit of attention.

I’m hoping against hope that this would be a joke, a bad gag that would have someone saying “ha-ha!” to the tune of Nelson from the Simpsons, but so far it seems like a real thing. Why in the world would anyone keep this thing? And why in the world would anyone consider it to be of any value? They do realize where it was right? They understand how it came to be in their possession? Let me gag for a moment to really put the situation in perspective.

There are a bunch of things that an actor might use, wear, or otherwise come into contact with over the course of their career that might be seen as valuable to fans, but something such as this seems beyond the norm and into the realm of the disturbing. There is a line that doesn’t need to be crossed when it comes to items that a celebrity can and can’t be allowed to sell off and something that used to be a part of their body seems like it should be well on the other side of that line with a big banner in front saying “DON’T GO THERE”.

It’s a kidney stone folks, not a set of teeth or a wig or anything else that might be a little less disturbing. It was INSIDE of him.


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