Why Actresses Will Be Wearing Black This Red Carpet Season

As people buzz every year about the stars strutting up and down the red carpet through the countless award shows, the one thing that is often most discussed are the dresses that are worn by Hollywood’s A-List. If the rumors are true, there are already some birdies chirping about the kind of clothing color that will be seen most often through the red carpet affairs through the next year to come: black.

As this has been a generally common color to see a handful of starlets wear year after year to its slimming effect and classy appeal, there are far more important reasons that you will see this color making a statement for events. This is the official color that will be used to represent a new movement sweeping through the entertainment world right now known as #MeToo. This is a progressive support unit to help give a voice to those who have suffered sexual harassment or assault in Hollywood and beyond, following a broad string of validated accusations of some of Tinsel Town’s most acclaimed male leads.

This gentle protest of sorts will first be seen on January 7th, 2018 with the Golden Globe awards. In conjunction with taking a more proactive stance about sexual misconduct throughout the entire entertainment world spanning decades, women of the red carpet season will be using their dress choice as a way of avoiding the hot topic that fashion usually tends to be at such events. Instead, reporters are being encouraged to take a role of asking females walking into award shows more about their careers, views, interests and ambitions rather than the designer who was involved with the making of their dress.

This secondary movement is also named as a hashtag, (#AskHerMore) to help promote both causes and discussion about them both on popular social media outlets. Inevitably there are going to be women who simply do not follow the encouraged parameters of this movement through the award show time of year, but it appears that many of Hollywood’s most prestigious names are leaning heavily in support of both causes.

Both #MeToo and #AskHerMore combat gender inequality and the general mistreatment of women throughout the entertainment business. As active participants in protest like #MeToo, audiences are given a constant reminder of the struggle that many women (and men as well) faced to come forward and tell their story of sexual harassment or assault. Likewise, participants in the #AskHerMore protest are devoted to the ideal that a woman’s opinion is far more valuable than identifying the designer of the dress she is wearing to an event.

While this is not undoing all of the wrongs of Hollywood, with some of the accused still being invited to attend the award ceremony. In some cases, some of those still in disputes over validity to their involvement in sexual misconduct have not been removed from their roles as presenters for the Golden Globes, much to the disgust of those who have been at the front lines of the fight for a voice in Hollywood.

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