Five Things You Didn’t Know about Tori Kelly

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly, whose given name is Victoria Loren Kelly, is a a singer, songwriter, and producer that managed to attain fame after taking to YouTube at the age of 14 to post videos of her performance. By the age of 16 she was ready to out and start making her name known. By 2012 she was making her own EP and in 2013 she was signed to Capitol Records. Her rise to fame at this point hasn’t exactly been meteoric but it has been an impressive climb and has afforded her a place in the spotlight.

She knows about getting knocked down and getting back up in her career.

5. Her family is very diverse.

Rather her family heritage is very diverse as her father’s ancestry includes Jamaican, Trinidadian, and Puerto Rican while her mother’s side is German and Irish. That makes for a rather interesting family tree if her relatives are traced back through the family lines. And yet she looks as American as can be, though one has to wonder if she’s picked up anything from her diverse cultural background.

4. She was on American Idol.

Tori was eliminated but that didn’t stop her from pursuing a music career anyway. Folks seem to think that once a person is eliminated then they won’t ever be heard from again. But a few others and Tori decided to take their music career into their own hands and create something that was independent of any success they could have had on a reality show. That is honestly way more impressive.

3. Faith is very evident in her songwriting.

Tori doesn’t lump herself in with the Christian music genre but she does tend to allow her faith to paint a picture within her music since she is a practicing Christian. A lot of artists tend to put elements of their real life into their music as a habit since it’s something they know and can use in their performance to provoke a response from their listeners. Some folks respond to it, others just like the sound of the music and base their tastes off of that.

2. She’s collaborated with Ed Sheeran many times.

Tori has managed to hook up with Sheeran several times throughout her career to compose one bit of music or another. It’s been rumored before that they were actually a couple at one point but she’s made it known that they’re just business partners and good friends. It seems that the paparazzi and anyone with an opinion tends to blow things way out of proportion at times. Celebrities hanging out together doesn’t mean as much as people seem to think.

1. She is engaged to a German basketball player. 

Tori is engaged to Andre Murillo, a German basketball player. Normally she keeps her private life under lock and key since she likes to keep it separate from her professional life, which is smart. But the engagement was something she felt the need to share with people to express her happiness. Hopefully the two of them will be very happy with one another.

All in all it seems like Tori Kelly has her stuff together.

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