In Honor of Shark Week Check Out This Submersible

In Honor of Shark Week Check Out This Submersible

With Shark Week coming to a close in a couple of days it feels necessary to point out one of the more interesting water toys that people can purchase pretty much any time of year, the Seabreacher. These spendy machines have been around for a while and have been impressing a lot of people since they are pretty cool-looking and do have their own appeal since the acrobatic watercraft are built to the specs of the individual buyers and air-brushed one by one in order to give each one their distinctive look. These things are impressive, to say the least since they feature an air-tight cockpit that also features a retractable snorkel that allows for underwater dives and a design that allows the craft to self-right itself after every jump and maneuver. In other words, the Seabreacher is an expensive toy that is far more sophisticated in its design than many things on the water. It can run just fine in fresh and saltwater and the cockpit can be designed to carry one or two people, though one has to imagine that anything more than one seat would be a little more expensive since not only are there added materials, but the extra power needed to carry two people might cost extra as well when designing the engine. 

But while it only takes a matter of hours to train on this thing, the huge chomp that it will take out of one’s bank account is immense since it sounds as though it costs around $30K to build the body of this thing, and then another $30K to drop in the engine and the controls. Then there’s the matter of shipping, which is a pain in the backside for just about any purchase, but will typically run around $3-$6K for this craft. So yeah, for the price of a nice new car or a hefty down payment on a home, this fun-looking toy could be going home with the person that could afford to drop that much on one purchase. Obviously, there are those out there that can make this happen and it’s fair to say that some people would do this, but huh boy, that’s a big chunk of change to drop on something that’s only going to be used in the summer months. 

Don’t get me wrong, it looks like a lot of fun and is definitely something that many people would want to take a turn on. This is the kind of toy that one would be wise, if they buy it, to use as much as humanly possible, and even allow friends and family to use it after training, just to get their money’s worth. It’s interesting to think of how quickly depreciation would set in since if a car starts losing value the moment it leaves the lot, one has to think that the moment that one of these things hits the water that the same thing is already starting to happen. Plus, just thinking about the cost of maintenance and upkeep on this thing is making my wallet feel lighter by the second. 

But it would be an awesome ride and it would even be cool to see one of these surface nearby when out playing in the water and enjoying the sunshine. But the price tag that comes with it is a bit steep for a lot of people. It’s not hard to justify at least some of the cost since there’s a lot of work that goes into each craft, and the fact that it’s supposed to be airtight as well as capable of executing one stunt after another is bound to drive up the cost simply with the materials and the skill that’s needed to put these things together. Then comes the expertise in the design and in the artwork that adorns each one. As it’s been said before, one isn’t really paying just for the artwork itself, but for the years of experience needed to make such a thing possible. Some folks might laugh at that but it’s fair to think that the level of skill and engineering put into one of these things is still worth the price since otherwise, it might not be as sought after by so many people. 

Granted, the cost is likely keeping quite a few people at bay, but the design, the promise of fun that it makes, and the overall idea of having one in the first place is bound to make some people wonder if they really need a car or if they can take the bus to work. Okay, that’s a bit extreme, but one can’t help but wonder how many people are willing to say that they can pay the bill for one of these things. It looks extremely cool, but that price is easy to get hung up on. 

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