Hopefully Tom Hanks Announcing Coronavirus Infection is a Wake Up Call

To be fair the spread of the coronavirus should have been a wake up call BEFORE Tom Hanks announced that he and his wife had tested positive for it. The actor and his spouse, Rita Wilson, had made their way to Australia when they noticed they were feeling a bit under the weather. Given the current climate concerning the health of those that have been exposed to the coronavirus the two had themselves tested and, much to the chagrin of everyone reading their social media, they have both been infected. If it’s a wake up call at all it’s to announce that the celebrities are, as most people should have known by now, just people that can catch the same things as the average person, can be affected by the world in the same manner, and should not be used as a barometer for what’s happening in the world. It is a sad thing to hear that both Tom and Rita, who are old enough to be in the danger zone for those that are infected, have contracted this disease, but as far as waking up, people might have done better to do this before someone that so many people idolize brought it to their attention that they have been affected. In other words washing your hands shouldn’t have been such a huge revelation, practicing good hygiene shouldn’t have been so difficult for those with the means to do so, and simply having some sort of common sense when one is sick should be easy enough for those that have the means to stay home or prevent any disease from spreading. Allyson Chiu and Fred Barbash of The Washington Post have more to say about this in their own words.

Dominic Sandbrook of the Daily Mail is yet another individual among the many media sources and outlets that is apparently ready to contemplate the alarmist method that is being spread across entire countries as the coronavirus, which is serious to be fair when considered who it is affecting the most. Simply brushing this and any other mention of the disease off is not useful at all, but one has to wonder when someone is going to start wearing a sandwich board with the word REPENT will start walking around, clanging a bell like back in the olden days and shouting about how the end is nigh. If that’s not funny to you then it’s indicative of the fact that the media has effectively freaked out enough people that humor has become a commodity that many people don’t find too appealing at the moment, especially if it has to do with the disease that so many people are being told to fear. The idea of worrying over the future and whether we’ll be there to see it is not a new idea as many people tend to forget, as this is not the first serious disease to come our way and at the moment while it’s going about its infectious way it’s also not in possession of the highest mortality rate.

Thousands dead because of this disease is a problem to be certain, and losing certain celebrities would be insanely hard on some people since there are many that look up to folks as Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson among many others. But the alarmists and doomsayers of the world are unfortunately doing a great job of making people wonder if humanity will survive the decade at this point. Hearing about a celebrity couple contracting the virus has been likened to the idea of ‘okay, this is serious now’ and to be realistic it’s saddening that it takes someone famous announcing they’re sick to get the attention of the people at this point. Did anyone think that celebrities were allowed some pass from a pandemic such as this? Did they think that every celebrity was going to wall themselves away in their mansions to avoid the disease? If that’s what anyone thought then they forgot that even the celebrities, who are basically just people like anyone else at the most fundamental levels, are just as susceptible to what the world has to offer as anyone. It is a hope that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson will recover and pull through this, but it’s also a chance to tell people to start listening and not perk up their ears when a celebrity speaks up, but when anyone with some real and useful information happens to say anything worth hearing.

This disease is serious, and it is something that will have to be endured as much as possible, but panicking is not enduring, nor is it living. One way or another people have to go on doing both, as to do anything less is to admit that the fear has won, and that’s just not tolerable at all.

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