The Five Best Patrick Swayze Movies of His Career

The Five Best Patrick Swayze Movies of His Career

The Five Best Patrick Swayze Movies of His Career

There was no one really like Patrick Swayze since he was the epitome of cool in his time and he was the kind of guy that women wanted and guys wanted to be like. In a lot of his movies he had that super smooth look, even if he was scruffy and rocked the long hair, that just said he was awesome and didn’t have to brag about it. His movies didn’t exactly go downhill as he got older but they did kind of get pushed aside as the years went on. The stuff he did as a younger to middle-aged man was possibly the best work he ever did, but he never stopped being a legend, not even until he passed away in 2009 from complications due to pancreatic cancer. Even now however his name is still synonymous with cool and it should be a long, long time until people forget his name entirely, if ever.

Here are some of the best movies from his career.

5. The Outsiders

They were the guys from the wrong side of the tracks, the rejects, the rebels, and the guys that people didn’t depend on in a polite society. They were also the guys that were easy to blame when it came to any altercations breaking out, which was why it was so easy for Johnny and Pony Boy to be blamed for the death of a rival. The one thing about the Outsiders however was that they were a tightly-knit group that took care of one another since they were all they had. This is one of many classic stories that has been handed down throughout the years and even made assigned reading in many classrooms.

4. Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is one of those movies you can watch again and again and never get bored since it’s such a dynamic and swift-moving movie that you can almost forget that it easily qualifies as a chick flick. That’s right, guys have openly admitted to liking this despite the fact that there’s not that much action in it and the main protagonist is a woman that is entirely idealistic to begin with but gradually learns that the world isn’t the place for idealism unless you have the courage and the backbone to follow through with your convictions. Baby does just that when she finally stands up for herself, as does Johnny.

3. Red Dawn

It seems fair to say that you should never underestimate the younger generation. When their small town is invaded by foreign forces a group of teenagers decide to fight back as they seek to harry and harass the invading force with a number of unexpected strikes and offensive tactics that the enemy never expected. One thing about the movie you might notice is that the enemy seeks to move in on US territory by taking over a small town that has no chance of resisting, meaning that they have to attack a non-military location in order to make any headway. Like it or not, that kind of cowardice seems to scream for a group like the Wolverines to step in and get just as dirty.

2. Road House

Be nice. It’s not the first thing you think about when acting as a bouncer for a club, but it’s a very basic principle that should always be followed. Dalton is the kind of guy that would probably rather not fight, but he isn’t scared to throw down when he has to and has a very centered and balanced way of looking at things most times. When he’s pitted against a man that uses the town he’s in as his personal playground however Dalton gets pushed a little too far and eventually takes the fight to Wesley, who didn’t seem to realize who he was dealing with throughout the movie.

1. Point Break

You could call Bodhi a borderline sociopath but quite honestly he did have a lot of heart, he just chose when to use it. He and his boys were the types that lived for the rush and would go to any length in order to get it. The whole bank robbery angle was another way to fuel the adrenaline rush and to bankroll their neverending summer. The moment the cash dried up they’d hit another bank and be on their merry way once more. This is the kind of guy that’s not only dangerous because of the lengths he’ll go to in order to keep his freedom, but also because he can turn his conscience on and off like a light switch. So yeah, maybe he was a bit of a sociopath.

Patrick had a long career with a hiatus in between but his name never got lost in the mix no matter that he was gone for a while. He’s one among many stars that are missed to this day.Patrick Swayze

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