Mindy Kaling is Writing The Script for Legally Blonde 3

Mindy Kaling is Writing The Script for Legally Blonde 3

Mindy Kaling is Writing The Script for Legally Blonde 3

It’s very likely that there are plenty of people cheering for this movie and still plenty that are groaning and asking ‘why?’ upon seeing that there are plans to make another one. Devon Forward of Screenrant sounds like one of those that might want to see this come to fruition, and likely isn’t the only one to be certain. Legally Blonde did become a big part of pop culture a while back and was taken in as something that helped to broaden and expand the minds of a lot of people and simply entertain a lot more since Reese Witherspoon put in a performance that was witty and intelligent but also just bubbly enough to get the point across that while Elle isn’t stupid by any means she’s also the kind of woman that, after a first impression, might be thought of as kind of a ditz. Obviously that’s not the case since getting into Harvard law school is no joke and does require that a person know a few things, but in a way it was also kind of a slap in the face to a lot of people that have worked their butts off to get that far when the character states “What, like it’s hard?”. Elle Woods really shook up the whole college scene as she was meant to do since let’s be realistic on this one, college is a very diverse place where some people feel obligated to go, some people want to go, and some people go because they want one thing but then get confused and then figure out they want something else only to want something different when the next term hits. It’s a different experience for everyone and so long as a person has the money and the drive, and the grades, they get to stick around make themselves into whatever they want. Elle’s inclusion into Harvard wasn’t a deconstruction of the system or an insult to it but instead an awakening that such an institution needs every now and then.

Whether a person was a fan of the movies or not, and I’ll fully admit that I’m not, it’s still interesting to think of just where Mindy Kaling and Dan Goor will take this story for a third trip around the bend, since there were allusions that Elle might think about trying her hand at running the country or at least making a run for the White House. In the current social climate having a female president isn’t so out of left field any longer since more than one film or TV project has made it happen and the results do vary but are still, for the most part, kind of intriguing given that there was at least some chance a few years ago that such a reality might come to pass. There’s even a chance that in the years to come we’ll see a woman in the White House, not as the First Lady but as the POTUS. So maybe Kaling is trying to use Legally Blonde as a test run to see how it might work, or maybe it’s just a continuation of a story that people really enjoyed and would love to see more of. In any case it’s not entirely fair to bash such an idea even if you don’t like the movies, since one should be able to admit with great ease that it became a huge pop culture sensation and has been loved by a legion of fans ever since. The hows and whys don’t matter really since the fact of the matter is that a huge number of people are so enamored of the movies that they might have even watched the musical just to see how it stacked up.

Seeing a part three come out will obviously have to wait for a while but the news that there’s a script for it is likely enough to get a lot of people excited and even hopeful that when things shift back into gear that this will be one of the many projects that gets a big push towards production. Considering everything that’s already being pushed at the moment though it’s kind of easy to think that Legally Blonde 3 wouldn’t be making it to theaters until 2021 or 2022 at the earliest since a lot of studios are going to be playing catch-up and will possibly have to prioritize just which projects they believe will be best served by being pushed first. There’s no doubt that a lot of fans would state that Legally Blonde 3 should get a lot more attention, but looking at all the ideas that are on the schedule right now it’s not likely that this movie would be able to skip that far ahead. In other words the idea is great for those that enjoy it, but the wait could be a while.

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