What We’d Like to See in a Wonder Woman 3 Movie

It does sound as though Patty Jenkins has been thinking about another Wonder Woman movie following the sequel, but it’s going to have to wait to see how well the sequel performs. People are no doubt going to be stating that the sequel should do just fine since the first movie was a blast. But trying to say this with a straight face shouldn’t be so easy since sequels usually don’t match up quite as well to the first movie, though their exceptions. In any case, if the second movie does manage to impress people enough, then a third movie should be coming down the pipeline eventually, and there are a few things that we would like to see since Wonder Woman has been developing nicely since her first appearance in the current DC universe, and it’s been nice to see how she’s adapted to the changes as time has rolled on around her. But there are going to need to be a few other changes in order to really allow people to keep believing in her as a character and as a hero, since without change one can grow stagnant and kind of boring.

Here are a few things we’d like to see in a Wonder Woman 3 movie.

5. Maybe a few Justice League references would be nice.

This would mean that Jenkins would be placing her third movie in the present day, which a lot of people might want to see. But Diana’s involvement with the Justice League does feel as though it could help bolster the movie a bit since Wonder Woman has been part of the League for so long that trying to keep her as a solo act feels as though it might backfire. Plus, the idea that DC has had to do more standalone movies has worked, but eventually it does feel as though they might need to start crossing over once again and creating a team movie now and then, or at least feature one hero in another hero’s movie.

4. Putting Hercules in the mix could be interesting.

People are bound to scoff at this and wonder what Hercules could possibly do that Wonder Woman can’t, but before taking it that far it might be interesting to note that the two have met before and if it does come down to a fight, then Hercules is not going down easily if he goes down at all. But if it doesn’t come to a fight then there are a lot of possibilities that could occur since the demigod and Diana could be pitted against an enemy that’s too great for either of them, but again, one would have let their imagination run wild with this one. It would still be intriguing enough to try.

3. It needs to be set in the present time.

The period movies are great and all since they show Diana’s ascent to the power that she represents, and a trip back to the 80s is enough to make a lot of people laugh and have a good time. But bringing her into the present time finally would be preferred by a lot of people since they want to see what Diana can do in this current era, even though people have been given a chance to see that twice now, and it’s been equally impressive apart from the fact that both movies she was in have been so heavily ridiculed, unlike her own. Plus, taking her to the 90s and 2000s would be kind of a waste of time.

2. More involvement with the gods might be nice.

This is a woman that was created by the gods and who has blasted a god out of existence, so it’s fair to say that the gods exist in this universe and that they’re still active when they want to be. But bringing them into play a little more might make for an interesting story since it could expand things a bit and create a wider world to pick and choose from. Also, it could bring Diana’s parentage into the light just a little more and let people get an even better fix on it.

1. Whoever Diana has to face this next time has to take her to the limit.

So yes, Ares did test her resilience a bit, but the fact that he needed to talk so much instead of just getting in and pummeling her until she finally had to dig down to access her powers was kind of, well, foolish. What Diana needs is an opponent that’s not going to give so much exposition before trying to kill her. By the time things hit the fan it’s time to fight, not have a back and forth conversation that will slow down the action. Plus, she needs someone that can really match her for strength and speed or someone that can simply match her in other ways. Maybe Circe would be a good match.

It could be a while before we get to see this movie if we do.

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