Five Underrated Action Sequels With A Bad Rotten Tomatoes Score

Movies are subjective. Oftentimes, films that were critically lambasted would rise to cult status in the next generation. Films like Psycho and The Shining weren’t exactly favorites among critics. However, as time passed by, both audiences and critics started to appreciate the boldness within those films. In fact, they eventually realized that were actually really good.

The same can be said for these five underrated action sequels with bad rotten tomatoes scores. Granted, none of these films are on the level of Psycho or The Shining. But they do provide a level of entertainment that’s more hit than miss. It’s not clear whether critics will change their tune about these films in the future. However, they surely don’t deserve the rotten tomatoes score that they have now.

The Mummy Returns

Rotten Tomatoes Score – 48%

Five Underrated Action Sequels With A Bad Rotten Tomatoes Score

It’s safe to say that The Scorpion King‘s CGI is horrendous. Otherwise, The Mummy Returns is the very definition of a fun blockbuster. It was great that viewers got more of Imhotep’s (Arnold Vosloo) backstory. It helps flesh out his character, and it was refreshing that such a monster was given such dimension.

Of course, the stars here are Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser) and Evelyn (Rachel Weisz). Their chemistry is simply undeniable, and watching Fraser in his action-guy days is always a treat. Adding to the fun is Jonathan (John Hannah) and their snarky kid, Alex (Freddie Boath). While their characters can border on annoying, their energy is infectious, and their bumbling shenanigans are more funny than not.

The Mummy Returns has a solid story, and it’s highly thrilling when the pace is extremely fast. When the film slows down, it can be jarring at first. But it’s vital to understand the culture and story of the villains, which elevate the film beyond its generic action roots.

Rush Hour 2

Rotten Tomatoes Score – 51%

Five Underrated Action Sequels With A Bad Rotten Tomatoes Score

How could you not laugh when Lee and Carter are running butt-naked through the streets of Hong Kong? Bad Boys often gets more attention when it comes to buddy action comedies. However, Rush Hour is simply the better movie. What makes these films so great is the incredible chemistry between Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. However, the writing certainly helps boost their dynamic. There are some fun cultural differences, and Carter’s interactions with Hu Li (Zhang Ziyi) were always laugh-out-loud funny. The story itself is nothing special, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun seeing Carter and Lee kick ass all around Hong Kong (and Las Vegas).

Bad Boys 2

Rotten Tomatoes Score – 23%

Five Underrated Action Sequels With A Bad Rotten Tomatoes Score

Is the run time bloated? Yes. Did we really need to see two rats having human-styled sex? No. But if you turn your mind off, Bad Boys II is a fun film nevertheless. It’s definitely the worst of the franchise thus far. However, there’s a certain charm to the sequel that can’t be denied.

The action is over-the-top and insane. At the same time, it makes for entertaining set pieces. As always, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are a perfect action/buddy cop combination. The villain is weak overall. But since Lawrence and Smith make such an engaging pair, their charisma makes Bad Boys 2 fun regardless.

Terminator Salvation

Rotten Tomatoes Score – 33%

Five Underrated Action Sequels With A Bad Rotten Tomatoes Score

Terminator Salvation‘s biggest crime is that it’s just bland. However, the central mystery surrounding the film makes it a good watch overall. In fact, Terminator Salvation is the best sequel following T2. That’s mostly because it tries something different with the overall lore. Christian Bale as Jon Connor is excellent casting, despite the controversy behind the scenes.

Nothing against Sam Worthington, as he’s pulled out great performances in films like Hacksaw Ridge and Avatar. But his acting here is simply forgettable. Still, an interesting diversion from the Terminator franchise that should’ve had one more script polish.

Meet The Fockers

Rotten Tomatoes Score – 38%

Five Underrated Action Sequels With A Bad Rotten Tomatoes Score

None of the sequels came close to being as good as the original Meet the Parents. However, Meet the Fockers was funnier than it had any right to be. The plot is essentially the same as the first film. But it’s fun to watch the sex-crazed and kooky parents of Gaylord Focker interact with Jack (Robert De Niro) and Dina Byrnes (Blythe Danner). Though you see most of the jokes coming a mile away, Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand‘s committed performances elevate the script and their characters.

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