10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tereza Kacerova

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tereza Kacerova

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tereza Kacerova

Tereza Kacerova is a young woman who was made a household name for a tragic reason after the death of her famous boyfriend. She is someone who didn’t want that kind of fame. She likely would have preferred to spend her life growing old beside the late Avicii and raising her son with him, but she is a young model who not only lost the love of her life but also dealt with a terrible blow as a result of the constant press that came after her following his death. Many people are curious about where she is now and what she is up to, and we have everything you need to know.

1. She is Young

She is still young, and it’s been difficult for her to deal with so many things happening in her life in the past few years. she was born on January 3, 1993, which means she only just celebrated her 28th birthday in 2021. She’s young, and she has been through so much in her short life.

2. She’s a Model

She works regularly as a model. The Czech beauty is a model and an actress, though she’s not quite a household name because of her work. She is also a music video star and more. She works very hard on her career, and she’s done well for herself.

3. She Grew up in the States

She’s a young woman who was born in Prague, which is in the Czech Republic. However, she didn’t grow up there. She spent a little time there as a baby, but her family raised her in Vermont. They moved to the States when she was a baby and raised her here.

4. She’s a Mom

Tereza Kacerova is a mom. She has a little boy whose name is Luka. He did not belong to her late boyfriend, but they were working together to raise him and Avicii was like a father to her son. She was ready to be a mother again with her late boyfriend, but his death changed her entire world.

5. Her Boyfriend Took his Own Life

Avicii was a man who took his own life. While there was no immediate information giving about his death April 20, 2018, his family made a statement a few days later saying that he took his own life and that he was desperately seeking to find peace and thought this was the only way.

6. The World Did Not Know About Tereza Kacerova and Avicii

No one knew that this young man was dating anyone when he was alive. It wasn’t until after his death when Kacerova released a series of photos of the two of them embracing, them with her son, him with her son, and so much more than the world became aware that they were together. She made it very clear that their relationship was for them only, and that it was not for the rest of the world, and that her heart was broken beyond comprehension that the man she loved and considered her family would take his own life.

7. She Spent Time Traveling

Following the death of her love, she spent a lot of time on the road. She visited many countries, she spent time traveling to see things she’d never seen before, and she even went back to her home country for some time. She is a woman who was clearly trying to heal herself, and we hope she found a way to at least make things brighter.

8. She’s Dated

There was a time in 2020 nearly two years after the death of Avicii that she was dating another DJ from Sweden. This man is Morten Breum, and he and Avicii often traveled and worked in the same circles. He made it very clear to his fans and to Avicii’s fans that he doesn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable, but that they simply found one another but that she is the only one for him. They are no longer together, and she has been spotted out with a man who was in one of her own music videos.

9. She is Very Private

Tereza is a woman who is very private at this time in her life. She is not someone who is happy to share too much of her personal life, but she is someone who will spend her life finding happiness and raising her son. Her son is the reason she lives and works so hard, but she’s not sharing anything about him with anyone.

10. She Wanted to Name Her Future Daughter Serafina

She once posted in a lovely tribute to her ex that she would have convinced him to name their future daughter Serafina if she had a chance. She did not after his death, but that was her goal. They wanted to start a family, to be together, and to have a future with one another.and an actress

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