‘Ted’: Who Stars in Peacock’s Prequel Series?

‘Ted’: Who Stars in Peacock’s Prequel Series?
‘Ted’: Who Stars in Peacock’s Prequel Series?

In 2012, the multi-talented Seth MacFarlane took Hollywood by storm with his utterly unique and uproarious movie, Ted. The plot revolves around John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg), who as a child, makes a wish for his teddy bear to come to life. To his surprise, the wish becomes a reality, and Ted, the talking and mischievous teddy bear, becomes his lifelong friend. Fast forward to adulthood, and Ted’s presence has become a significant obstacle in John’s life, interfering with his relationships and personal growth.

Ted garnered massive success, grossing over $549 million globally, proving that MacFarlane’s blend of irreverent humor and heartwarming elements struck a chord with viewers. This overwhelming response led to a highly anticipated sequel in 2015, further cementing Ted‘s place as a beloved comedy franchise. Now, after a 9-year hiatus, McFarlane has returned with the prequel series of the same name, set in 1993 as John and Ted tackle high-school life and coming-of-age. So, let’s delve into the cast of the anticipated Peacock series, Ted.

Seth MacFarlane as Ted

Ted the Series (2024)

As well as writing and directing the 2012 movie, Seth MacFarlane also voiced the titular character, Ted. Known for his ability to tackle an array of voices (as showcased with his series Family Guy), MacFarlane adopted a thick Boston accent for the foul-mouthed teddy bear. In Ted the series, MacFarlane has reprised his iconic character, lending his voice once again. Furthermore, MacFarlane serves as the series’ showrunner and writer.

In the series, Ted is at a point of his life where his fame has settled down. After moving back in with John and his family, he starts to lack purpose, spending his days drinking and hanging around with hookers. However, that all changes when John’s dad Matty forces Ted to attend high school.

Max Burkholder as John Bennett

Max Burkholder in Ted the Series (2024)

Max Burkholder is a rising talent in Hollywood who was born on November 1, 1997. He is most known for playing the lead role of Max Braverman in the TV adaptation of Parenthood. However, it is looking like his role in the Ted TV series will catapult him to new realms of fame. In the show, Burkholder takes on the rendition of a 16-year-old John. As he enters his final years of high school, John starts to become curious about all of the things he shouldn’t – sex, drugs and partying. Of course, he is accompanied by, and spurred on by, his best friend, Ted. Resultantly, the two get into all sorts of comedic mishaps and hijinks. While the dynamic chemistry between Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane initially seemed unbeatable, Burkholder proves to be an enigmatic counterpart, serving up an equally dazzling on-screen conjuration.

Alanna Ubach as Susan Bennett

Alanna Ubach as Susan Bennett in Ted Prequel Series

Alanna Ubach is a highly regarded character actress known for her diverse roles and exceptional performances. With an impressive filmography, she has proven her versatility and talent throughout the years. Ubach has graced the big screen in several notable films, including her memorable role as the sassy and vivacious Serena in the iconic comedy Legally Blonde. She is also no stranger to playing the role of a mother. In the HBO drama series Euphoria, Ubach portrayed the character Suze Howard, the devoted and caring mother of Cassie and Lexi. In the Ted TV series, Ubach plays a different kind of mom this time around, as the softly spoken Susan, a stark juxtaposition to her husband, Matty.

Scott Grimes as Matty Bennett

Scott Grimes and Giorgia Whigham in Ted the Series (2024)

In the original movie, John’s dad was called Steve and was played by Ralph Garman. In Ted the TV series, his name has been changed to Matty (a much more Bostonian name), and he has been written as a much more grumpy, bad-tempered and loud-mouthed character. To that, such an explosive character is perfect for Scott Grimes. A frequent collaborator of MacFarlane, Grimes has a commanding voice which he utilized as the character Steve Smith in MacFarlane’s widely popular show, American Dad!  Outside of this, he has featured in renowned shows like Justified, NCIS: Los Angeles, and The Orville.

Giorgia Whigham as Blair Bennett

Giorgia Whigham as Blair Bennett in Ted (2024)

Giorgia Whigham is another climbing star who will undoubtedly soar to heightened fame thanks to her role in Ted the TV series. Born on August 19, 1997, Whigham is relatively new to film and TV. However, she has caught a lot of attention with roles in hit shows like Scream: The TV Series, The Punisher, and The Orville. In Ted, Whigham stars as Blair Bennett, John’s older cousin who is staying with the family after enrolling in a nearby college. Of course, she soon becomes entwined into the many escapades of John and the mischievous Ted.

Ian McKellen as The Narrator

Ian McKellen in Hating Peter Tatchell (2021)

Ian McKellen is undeniably one of the most renowned actors of all time, whose talent and versatility have transcended from the stage to TV and film. With a career spanning several decades, he has enthralled audiences with his incredible performances. One of his most notable roles was of course that of the dazzling and powerful wizard, Gandalf, in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Outside of these roles, Ian McKellen is also renowned for his deep and distinctive voice, making for the perfect narrator. To that, he has become a seasoned narrator of dozens of audiobooks. As well as this, McKellen narrated the 2012 movie, Ted. In Ted the TV series, he returned again to narrate two episodes.

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