The Star Wars Franchise: A Messy Universe That Might Need a Reboot

The Star Wars Franchise: A Messy Universe That Might Need a Reboot

It’s hard to believe that before 1977, the idea of a franchise like Star Wars existing for over four decades and becoming a worldwide phenomenon would have seemed impossible. Yet, here we are, with a single mention of a character or scene from the franchise instantly recognizable to thousands of people.

However, the Star Wars universe has become increasingly confusing over the years, particularly after Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm. Despite the franchise’s continued success, it has been plagued by a lack of unity and consistency, largely due to the involvement of multiple writers and creators.

As the story expanded beyond the control of its original creator, George Lucas, it became increasingly difficult to maintain a cohesive narrative. This is a common issue when a franchise becomes so beloved, but it’s akin to trying to stop an avalanche with a snow shovel.

Star Wars might need a full reboot one day

Many have suggested that a complete reboot of the Star Wars universe may be necessary at some point. Whether Lucasfilm is aware of this or in denial, it’s likely that they’ll have to address the issue eventually. The sheer size of the galaxy and the numerous stories within it have led to inconsistencies and contradictions that fans have noticed.

While it’s easy to dismiss these inconsistencies as a matter of perspective, many fans are unsatisfied with this explanation and crave a more cohesive narrative. Unfortunately, some storytellers have lost sight of the fact that fiction can exist in many forms, depending on the point of view.

Becoming entirely unified doesn’t feel as if it would be embraced by everyone

A unified Star Wars story would undoubtedly be more coherent and satisfying for many fans, but achieving this would require limiting the number of writers involved in the franchise. This could lead to accusations of exclusion and a lack of diversity, even if writers from various backgrounds were brought in to collaborate.

Furthermore, the different viewpoints that have shaped the Star Wars universe could create narrative snags that are difficult to resolve. In short, unifying the entire universe may be possible on a smaller scale for individual stories, but achieving complete cohesion is unlikely due to the inevitable influence of individual perspectives.

The current course of the franchise is a good example of what happens when people try to apply too much control

Some argue that Star Wars is a mess in its current state, while others believe it’s fine as it is and doesn’t need any changes. However, the franchise’s sprawling narrative was always destined to branch out in various directions, given the infinite number of stories that could impact the main characters. The cinematic vision we have now, though, is a far cry from the focused narrative that initially captivated audiences.

Instead of a clear hero and villain, we now have a protagonist who is instantly powerful and an antagonist prone to tantrums. To claim that this is an improvement or a sign of the franchise’s evolution is misguided, akin to praising an adult who demands everything without effort and throws a fit when they don’t get their way.

Sadly, fans aren’t bound to agree on anything in a universal manner other than the fact that the story is one of the most popular of all time

It’s unlikely that fans will ever agree on every aspect of the Star Wars universe, but the franchise remains beloved and will continue to be defended by many. However, it’s possible that a reboot may be necessary in the future, as the current state of the franchise feels like a precarious house of cards held together by glue. It could still collapse, but it would take a concerted effort to bring it down.

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