5 Reasons Why Removing Jedi from Star Wars is a Bad Idea

5 Reasons Why Removing Jedi from Star Wars is a Bad Idea
5 Reasons Why Removing Jedi from Star Wars is a Bad Idea

credit: Star Wars

In the history of Star Wars, which is starting to make its way toward five decades worth of storytelling, there have been a lot of theories, rumors, and many fans ready and willing to give their input. One argument is that Star Wars could do without the Jedi and the Sith for a while. Despite the interest in seeing other stories, as has already happened, one must remember that the Jedi are an integral part of the franchise. Dropping them for more than a story, here and there, would be a terrible idea. Imagine dropping a crucial figure or sect from one well-known movie franchise or another; the result would be a complete change of the franchise, meaning the story would be altered in a way that’s tough to come back from. Even considering excluding the Jedi would be a colossal misstep many people might regret if it ever happened. Showing other stories that don’t have as much to do with the Jedi is interesting since the echoes of their actions and wars stir up a bit of trouble now and then, but keeping them around is still wiser than ditching them entirely. 

Here are five reasons why the Jedi are needed in Star Wars. 

5. They’ve been around since the beginning of the franchise. 

It’s not everyday forfor core characters and ideas to be dropped from a franchise when they’ve played a substantial role in getting things going in the first place. The Jedi wasn’t necessarily one of the most significant aspects of Star Wars back in 1977 when George Lucas first started the franchise. Still, they were a vital part of the story that can’t precisely be ditched in favor of pushing another big idea. Changing the Jedi Order and how the Force is represented in this franchise might be possible, but keeping the Jedi around is still a far better idea than simply ditching them for something else that hasn’t been fully formed yet. 

5 Reasons Why Removing Jedi from Star Wars is a Bad Idea

credit: The Clone Wars

4. The Sith might still exist without the Jedi.

There’s nothing to say that the Sith wouldn’t still exist without the Jedi, even if there is a line of thought that makes the argument that the Sith could not exist without their opposites. After all, the Sith are typically Jedi that went over to the dark side of the Force. But at the same time, the Sith have their code, philosophy, and purpose for existing. So taking away the Jedi at this point might mean a resurgence in the Sith order or something else. But it’s kind of presumptuous to think that the dark side of the Force would abate just because there’s no light to push against. 

3. There aren’t a lot of stories that haven’t been made better by the presence of the Jedi. 

On the other hand, there are stories within this franchise that have been made worse by the Jedi since the Force-using warriors and philosophers aren’t always in the right. But when a monumental task presents itself, the Jedi are usually the best solution to the problem. There are quite a few stories in this franchise that have been beyond the capabilities of those who don’t possess use of the Force, and quite often, it’s been seen that the Jedi can help far more than they harm. But the fear and uncertainty levied their way at times make the story a little more interesting. 

5 Reasons Why Removing Jedi from Star Wars is a Bad Idea

credit: Star Wars

2. On their own or in small groups, the Jedi are useful.

When dealing with the Jedi Order, it’s been seen that it runs like a regular government, meaning that very little gets done unless it’s a four-alarm emergency that requires action at that particular moment. But in small groups and on their own, the Jedi are far more efficient since they tend to act as they need to, not as a governing body directs them to. In this manner, the Jedi are great allies since they will disregard the need to contact their council and act, for better or worse, in a manner that is meant to solve one problem or another. 

1. Without the Jedi, Star Wars becomes another drama. 

Whether people like it or not, the Jedi are why many folks like Star Wars since they offer a unique group of individuals that can do something that most of the galaxy cannot. They’re not perfect, they’re not a cure-all for the ills of their galaxy, and they’re certainly not the whole story. But taking them out of Star Wars, or ignoring them for a substantial period, is not a wise move since they do enhance the franchise in a big way and are a necessary element quite often. 

In other words, the Jedi need to be kept around, if only because they’re still an exciting part of the franchise. 

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