Let’s Talk About Tales of the Jedi

Let’s Talk About Tales of the Jedi

Let’s Talk About Tales of the Jedi

It feels like a stretch of the imagination and a lot of hope that might not pay off, but thinking that Disney might finally admit that the Star Wars Legends canon is bound to be useful would be a great idea since if Tales of the Jedi is bound to be pushed by Dave Filoni it feels as though it could be a huge boon to the Star Wars franchise as the High Republic and the many stories that are there to be developed could finally be allowed to unfold. There are so many great stories that could be presented to the public that it’s tough to see how Disney couldn’t see the sense in allowing the Legends canon to finally influence the future of the franchise. Somehow this is still argued against by many, many people as they will gladly state that it’s filled with continuity errors and wouldn’t work. The easy way to counter is to remind them that there are currently massive continuity errors that exist between the original trilogy and what Disney has delivered, so using such issues as an argument to stymie the emergence of the Legends canon is nonsensical, even though many will argue vehemently against it. 

There’s a thought that this could be akin to the Visions anthology that has already been seen on Disney+, and there’s not much doubt that it could happen this way, but while it would be interesting to see, it still feels as though the next anthology should help to bolster various origins throughout the galaxy, meaning it would move back and forth between one time and another. The tales of the High Republic could easily become a point of interest with the fans since there are plenty of stories of the Sith and the Jedi that could help to explain why things are the way they’ve been seen over the years, and how the galaxy has been shaped by the Force and by other influences that have put in work to cement one legacy or another. 

It’s admirable in a way that Disney wants to come up with new stories to shape the franchise, and it’s easy to agree that too much fan service would end up dividing the fanbase even further, but at the same time, allowing some of the stories that fans remember to unfold and become actual canon would be highly beneficial. By allowing the Legends and current canon to coincide with each other it would be possible for strong writers to find a way to meld the two of them into something that could become a working franchise that people could enjoy. Stating that this is and couldn’t be possible is a serious limitation on what could be and what might even keep Star Wars as a dominant franchise in the years to come. Tales of the Jedi is capable of opening things wide when it comes to the history of the Jedi and what helped to shape the order up until it collapsed during Order 66, but it remains fair to think that Disney is going to remain convinced that their way is the best. 

One point of irritation here is that much of the Star Wars story, in its entirety, isn’t as well-known to many people as some might think, which means that it could happen that the stories from the comics and the Legends canon could be included without anyone being wise to the fact that these stories have been around for decades. Amazingly, fans would ever argue against the idea of using the stories that are already there, but the fact is that many still cling to the idea that the original trilogy is the only benchmark that is the real Star Wars and that everything else that has come along has been a pale imitation. It’s very true that the core trilogy is important and that it set everything in motion, but remaining adamant that the core story couldn’t possibly be improved upon and added to is a bit petulant, as well as less than imaginative. Tales of the Jedi is a big chance to show an anthology that would open wide the earlier philosophies of the Jedi and they’ve been a less than perfect order for a long time. 

It could also show adventures and tales of former Jedi and Sith that would be highly entertaining since such names as Exar Kun, Darth Bane, Nomi Sunrider, and many others could finally be seen on the screen. Any attempt to stymie these stories would be kind of confusing since the purpose of any great franchise is to continue to push outward, look inward, and create new stories that people can enjoy. It kind of feels as though Disney is of the mind that it’s going to be their way or no way, which is the wrong attitude to take with a franchise such as Star Wars. 

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