10 of the Greatest Movie Quotes of All-Time

10 of the Greatest Movie Quotes of All-Time
Inigo Montoya's Triumphant Speech | Silver Screenings

credit: The Princess Bride

Movie quotes are a good bit of fun when it comes to remembering the emotion they captured and the reason why they were used in the first place since trying to maintain that every quote ever made in a movie is great is kind of tough, but remembering the best of them is easy since they get repeated over and over. The great thing about movie quotes is that they don’t necessarily depend on the movie to be remembered, since there are quotes out there that come from truly terrible movies that are still used verbatim by many people when the moment arises. But the best quotes taken from some of the best movies are great simply because, well, they come packed with emotion and a great deal of meaning that can be spread over a variety of situations. 

Here are ten of the best movie quotes of all time. 

10. “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”-The Godfather

It was actually stated by Michael Corleone and his father, Vito Corleone, but it was Marlon Brando, aka Vito, who delivered it best since the line has been iconic ever since, and has been repeated over and over without fail. In this era of mob movies, it was understood by many, whether it was real or not, that the words could mean a few things, but one way or another, the recipient of the offer would be wise to take it. 

9. “Bye Felicia.”-Friday

This is such a simple line that showed up in the movie Friday, and then showed up years later in Straight Outta Compton, and yet it’s been used an untold number of times ever since. The funny thing is that it was used by Ice Cube and then his son in a movie that depicted his son playing Cube’s role in the N.W.A. One has to wonder if things were designed this way or if it was a happy accident. 

8. “You can’t handle the truth!”-A Few Good Men

A lot of people mangle this line, not by mixing up the words, but with the tone and inflection that it’s given since Jack Nicholson has been and kind of still is one of the best around, and his delivery in this movie was great since it was easy to hate his character and want him to go down. But the force and the vitriol that was injected into these words were insanely great since the audience knew that the character was pissed. 

THE BIG LEBOWSKI 20th Anniversary: Why The Dude Endures — Nerdist

credit: The Big Lebowski

7. “The Dude abides.”-The Big Lebowski

It’s such a simple line, but it means so much since the Dude is one of the most chill people in this entire movie. Well, sometimes he is. It’s not exactly his fault that he’s a bit stressed out at times since he’d rather be drinking his White Russian while listening to or engaging in bowling. 

6. “Show me the money!”-Jerry Maguire

In some way, this kind of feels as though it’s the theme for all professional sports since anyone who speaks about the love of the game has instant respect and cred. But when an athlete won’t take a needed pay cut for the team or keeps demanding more money, well, it shows that the game isn’t the most important aspect. 

5. “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.”-Dirty Dancing

What’s amusing about this is that Johnny is right, and Baby’s father, though he means well, needs to take a chill pill when this moment occurs, especially since he already knows that Johnny isn’t a bad guy. But what else can be said save that a father, a good father, is going to be protective of his kid? Well, it could be said that he’s going to admit he’s wrong when he is, which he ended up doing. 

You're Killing Me Smalls - Evil Genius Beer Co. - Baseball Life

credit: The Sandlot

4. “You’re killing me Smalls!”-The Sandlot

It should be easy to admit that Smalls was the kid that a lot of other kids couldn’t understand since he lived such a closeted life that the very concept of playing ball, eating a s’more, and even getting into trouble were alien ideas that he had to be pushed into. How many moms would actually encourage this behavior? 

3. “Why so serious?”-The Dark Knight

It might sound silly, but the Killer Klowns from Outer Space have nothing on the Joker since the guy is madness, given shape and purpose. The Dark Knight showed very easily how far this character could go, and that he could keep going if he had no inhibitions laid on him. 

2. “But did you die?”-The Hangover Part II

Leslie Chow is by far one of the craziest characters ever introduced to the big screen, and yet he made the Hangover movies a lot more fun since, otherwise, it’s fair to say that the story might have felt like it was missing something. 

The Dark Knight – "Why so serious?" | ACMI: Your museum of screen culture

credit: The Dark Knight

1. “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father! Prepare to die!”-The Princess Bride

This is, without any doubt, one of the greatest lines of all time since not only did Mandy Patinkin deliver this with the force that was needed, but he made people feel it at the end. Inigo was a fun character since he wasn’t a true villain, but he wasn’t a hero either. He was simply a guy that wanted to face down the man that killed his father, and once he had a chance, it was great. 

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