Remembering Nick McGlashan: Deadliest Catch Star Was 33

Remembering Nick McGlashan: Deadliest Catch Star Was 33

Remembering Nick McGlashan: Deadliest Catch Star Was 33

It’s hard to think that a person that survives crabbing in the Bering Sea would be killed by anything but their profession at one point or simple old age, but at this time it sounds as though the cause of death in the case of Nick McGlashan, a 7th generation crabber, isn’t being released. It’s fair to say that a lot of people are probably pointing fingers at substance abuse since Nick has had issues in the past with severe addictions to alcohol, methamphetamines, and heroin. While there are bound to be plenty of articles that will dig into his addictions we’ll keep it simple by stating the fact that Nick did admit to this and was kicked off the boat at one point during a season to deal with his struggles. But if anyone has ever known anyone that made a living from the sea for weeks to months at a time, they might understand that for one reason or another, many people that have taken to the life might find their way to such addictions at one point or another. It’s not something that is one hundred percent going to happen since there are plenty of individuals that ply the seas for their paycheck that do not fall into such traps. But it’s a hard life all the same, and one that isn’t as forgiving as many other careers. But it’s also one that doesn’t look kindly on those that can’t get their addictions under control.

Working on a crab boat or a deep-sea fishing vessel is not an easy task since despite being around other people, it’s a very isolated environment that’s not at all conducive to the overall health of the workers since the sea tends to take more than it gives at times. Few realize this more than those that are at sea for any length of time since the wide-open ocean is unpredictable even in the best of times, and it’s easier to accept that the sea will take its due now and then in the form of a sunken vessel taken during a squall or because of another reason. Seeing someone taken by their addictions is perhaps one of the worst ways to lose anyone, but when it happens to those that have a dangerous job that takes a serious toll on the mind and body at the same time, old age or accidental death appear as more of a blessing than a tragedy many times. Having known at least a couple of individuals that went down in commercial accidents, it’s easy to state that it is very tragic, but it’s better than to think that they met their end in a manner that is more of a byproduct of their occupation.

Nick came from a long line of fishermen and crabbers, which is a legacy that some might want to scoff at or make fun of considering that it’s something that is considered to be low-brow to some and less than glamorous. But the truth is that his job, and those that take place in the show Deadliest Catch, are quite dangerous since they ply the sea for the benefit of many and are out there taking risks that many people would never think to take simply because they would be too afraid to suit up and deal with the elements that some of these crabbers have to weather in order to get paid. While it’s not all danger all the time, there are plenty of moments when one has to wonder just how these guys do it, since between the cages that could bash someone’s head in if they’re not paying attention to the horrible weather they have to deal with from time to time, crabbing is not an easy job. The show is just one way to depict this, but the fact is that Nick and many others have done this over the years to keep the rest of us able to enjoy the fruits of their labors, as have many others like them. Scoffing at these individuals isn’t just unwise, it’s extremely ungrateful since those that can run to the store, pick up a can of crab meat or whatever else these individuals are out to procure, won’t ever know the trouble that went into packaging that small amount of meat for their enjoyment.

At this time it’s enough to say thank to those that risk their lives for so many and to offer some type of condolence to the family of Nick McGlashan in the hope that they can push forward in some way. The age of 33 is too young, and it’s a big hope that with only a couple of days left that 2020 will close out without any more fatalities. It’s been a hard year for everyone, but losing people is hard no matter when it happens.

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