Bella Thorne Directing Her First Feature Film (It’s Not an Adult Movie)

Bella Thorne Directing Her First Feature Film (It’s Not an Adult Movie)

Bella Thorne Directing Her First Feature Film (It’s Not an Adult Movie)

Well, all we know at this point about this project is that Bella Thorne is making it, and that she might have a supporting role in it, but we don’t know what it’s about save that it’s a thriller and we don’t know when it’s going to come out. So really we’re reporting on bare bones here, but what we can say is that it’s not an adult movie and as a result she’ll still be taking flak for making an adult movie. Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb is one of the many pushing this idea and is getting into the fact that while Bella did make a movie with Pornhub, a well-known adult site, she has been thinking about getting behind the camera a bit more and really digging into the role of the director. It took a lot of people off guard to see Bella directing a movie, even a short film, on an adult site, but all in all it doesn’t seem to have soured them entirely to the thought of anticipating what might happen if she takes a bigger project on.

To think that this was in any way a hard bit of news for anyone to take is kind of amusing really since it would seem that a lot of people were convinced that Bella had decided to get into porn in a much more personal way. The whole idea of porn stars making their way to the mainstream and vice versa has for a long time been seen as a kind of taboo that a lot of people would easily denounce as worthy of consideration. Of course one of the main reasons is that adult movie stars aren’t believed to be that great at acting, and in truth a lot of them aren’t since it doesn’t really require and Oscar-worthy performance to strip down and get to business with your sexual partner. But the thought that they could possibly improve and move towards the mainstream is one that a lot of people still aren’t ready to accept since it means taking the past along with the possible future, and for some reason there’s a mental block there that a lot of people can’t get past. As to well-known actors making their way into the adult industry it’s pretty much the same, but in reverse since some people might actually bring themselves to believe that the adult film industry is beneath the mainstream and would be a serious downgrade for any self-respecting actor. Of course Bella didn’t go that route as some people seemed to think, but then those individuals that jump to such conclusions don’t tend to read the full article before reacting in a very typical manner. Many like Lisa Respers France of CNN had their own say.

It usually pays to read the entire article about a situation when trying to ascertain just how you should react, but when people saw Belle Thorne and Pornhub a lot of them freaked out since they no doubt thought that a prominent actress was doing something that was about to lower their estimation of her. In fact some do seem to have stepped away from her just a bit, as though they’re unwilling to accept that she might work with an adult film company. Let’s put this out there loud and clear: actors go where they feel drawn and they go where the money and fame is. The latter is an obvious measure of how to judge just where an actor is going to show up, but the former is something that you can’t count on and just have to roll with when they make their own decisions. Bella decided she wanted to make a movie that no other studio would pick up, so she went to Pornhub and they agreed. From that point on everything else is academic and by the numbers as much as possible, which means people finally calmed down and accepted that she’d made her decision. This time around she’ll be doing something that seems to please many folks, but her time with Pornhub wasn’t ill spent. Cydney Henderson of USA Today has more on this subject.

In all fairness she seemed to enjoy the filming aspect and is now fully on board to do another movie that will be much longer and probably much more involved. It will also be free of any truly pornographic moments it would seem. One might think that this is to keep Bella’s good name from being run through the muck but in truth she hasn’t suffered at all from having worked with Pornhub. Those that would condemn her for such a thing haven’t been much of an impediment really since she’s continued to do her thing and is still moving forward at this point with the project. It’s hard to say when we’re going to learn anything more about it, but one thing is certain, we’ll be reporting on it once we do.

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