We Have to At Least Acknowledge How Crazy Kirk Cameron Is

We Have to At Least Acknowledge How Crazy Kirk Cameron Is

We Have to At Least Acknowledge How Crazy Kirk Cameron Is

At the risk of offending his followers, there are times when it would appear that Kirk Cameron is downing a steady supply of Valium in order to avoid holding any grudges when it comes to his place in Hollywood since the guy has almost nothing bad to say no matter that he’s been dubbed one of the craziest people in show business. One major problem that comes to anyone trying to figure this former child star out, especially since he’s made his own success off of those that still wish to follow him, is that he is fairly successful, and despite that, anything said about him still feels as though it’s punching down, meaning he’s an easy target and has made himself this way. The truly unfortunate part is that this has been happening since he was still a kid on the show Growing Pains, when his religious beliefs started shaking up the way the show was run, as his popularity and the fact that he was one of the irreplaceable characters, something he realized, allowed him to hijack the show from time to time. A person can say that Kirk simply has strong religious beliefs that have guided him on this way thus far, but there is a certain manic feel to the manner in which he’s dealt with others at this time, and those that follow him almost feel as though they’ve been indoctrinated to some degree.

To those that adhere to their faith and still think that Kirk is on the level, it might sound unfair and that he’s being persecuted for his beliefs. Unfortunately, there is a spot of truth to that since the liberal progressives that are to be found in Hollywood do tend to take issue with religion being shoved in their face and down their throats so often, but the intolerance goes well beyond this point since it also comes from those that speak out against Kirk and others like him. It’s very true that his attitude towards his religion and those that oppose it is seen as highly controversial at times as he has no trouble disrupting the status quo. This is a good and a bad thing, and it’s something that he can do since he’s still found quite a bit of success despite his status as a former child star. Looking at the fact that he has a net worth of around $20 million makes it hard to state that he’s been on a downward spiral for a while since there’s little to no validity to it. Some of the things he says are a bit outdated, such as a wife being submissive to her husband and how marriage has to work a certain way with rules and guidelines that MUST be followed. Perhaps one of the biggest problems that people see and bypass on their way to vilifying Kirk is that as balanced as he believes his life to be, it really isn’t. This isn’t the era in which women are expected to be submissive to their husbands, nor is it an era where religious beliefs are tolerated when they become every bit as disruptive as the world they seek to order and shape in the image they see as right.

Moderation and balance are two terms that are hard to find in this world since bias does exist and it’s seen quite often within just about every living person. The problem with being one of the many that wishes to just get along is that others will seek to label each and every person they can in order to make sense of the world in their own way. A problem stemming from that each person will come to see the world as they want it to be, and not as it is, which will then give way to the current issues we have at hand. While Kirk is busy trying to promote love and tolerance, he’s also, apparently unwittingly, pushing his own agenda on everyone else would truly understanding the impact he’s having, which makes him seem a bit like a kook to those that can see what he’s refusing to look at. Allowing him to go his own way and do his own thing is usually just fine with anyone else since people are fairly easy to ignore when others don’t have to see them on a continual basis. But when they keep pushing the agenda that’s been their bread and butter for a while and somehow keep sticking around, they become a little harder to ignore. Some would say that this is God pushing people together, others would blame chance and circumstance, but it feels as though Kirk might simply smile and say that all is as God wills it. More power to him, but he’s one of the many reasons I’m glad we can change the channel or refuse to click on one site or another.

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