The Flash Movie will Feature a New but Less Effective Justice League

The Flash Movie will Feature a New but Less Effective Justice League

The Flash Movie will Feature a New but Less Effective Justice League

The Flash movie will feature a new but less effective Justice League, apparently. At the moment, there are a lot of different emotions circling around the scarlet speedster’s movie. A lot of them have to do with the shake-up of the DCU, ala James Gunn and Peter Safran. Others have to do with the recent troubles that have plagued the star, Ezra Miller. But thinking that this movie will feature a Justice League that’s less powerful and possibly less useful is another twist that bears further scrutiny. A lot of people already think that this will end up as one of the best movies of the DCEU. However, the general idea is that these movies are often accepted or vilified by the fans. 

Hearing that another version of the Justice League will show up that is less than effective is kind of odd. It doesn’t stand out as a serious check mark against the movie right away, but it does get people thinking. Trying to wrap one’s head around this matter is, at this time, kind of tough.  It might have something to do with the controversy and issues that have come with the DCEU over the years. 

The Flash Movie will Feature a New but Less Effective Justice League

The Justice League is still kind of a sore spot

A lot of people don’t want to admit to this since the thought is that the Justice League was better than many thought. Unfortunately, the division within the fanbase that was created by or worsened by this still exists. The DCEU ended up feeling like a failed experiment at one point. 

Despite the financial success of the movies, more or less, the DCEU dropped the ball in a big way. A few of the big movies came off as preachy and over the top. Those that were successful couldn’t stop the tide of fan reactions that ended up growing more negative by the day. At one point, a lot of people couldn’t help but wonder if the DCEU would survive. 

As for The Flash, this character has already taken damage thanks to the troubles in Ezra Miller’s life. On top of that, his story wasn’t given a lot of help in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. 

Standing behind Ezra Miller is kind of tough at the moment

Despite their apologies and life difficulties at this time, it does feel as though Warner Bros. is keeping them around for very suspect reasons. One is that the movie has already been filmed. Shooting the movie again, or doing reshoots, would prove way too costly. Not only that, but whatever fans Miller still has would no doubt show their displeasure rather quickly. 

The fact that WB is already bound to keep this actor around, or is hinting at it, makes some folks leery of their motives. Gunn and Safran have not made it clear at this time if Miller will remain in the DCU, but there’s a good bet that it could happen. If it does, however, one can also guess that many fans simply won’t care. 

The Flash Movie will Feature a New but Less Effective Justice League

The positive reviews that are sure to come feel bought and paid for

It does feel that a lot of fans will not care about the new, weaker Justice League, nor will they care about Miller sticking around. Instead, they’ll listen to the positive reviews and hype that is bound to come. It sounds increasingly cynical, but the fact is that quite a few movies are given great marks by critics and fans, even if they’re horrible. 

The fact is that studios cannot afford the losses that are bound to happen from time to time. At some point, losses are cut, and a studio moves on to something, and someone else, that will help them out. Accusing a studio of hyping up its own movie is silly since, of course, it happens. That’s the name of the game, after all, to get the most attention.

But hyping up the movie as one of the best, possibly THE best, that has come from the DCEU feels like a bold claim. More than that, it feels as though the DCU is trying to put out a dumpster fire with a smile. 

The Flash needs to blow the roof off 

The truth is that this movie will need to do something that many of the other movies have not. It will need to blow the roof off when it comes to the box office. Many people think that this can happen without fail. 

Others, well, it feels as though many are simply waiting for the other shoe to drop when it comes to the DCU. The Flash is bound to make an attempt to cap things off, much as the Aquaman sequel will. But until everything is out in the open, it’s a lot of guesswork with a hope for success. 

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