There Will be No Black Adam 2 as Dwayne Johnson Unfollows Warner Bros. on Social Media

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Accepting defeat might not have been an option for Dwayne Johnson and those working alongside him to bring Black Adam into the forefront of the DCEU and Superman back to his original place. Still, sometimes fate slaps people with Option B, whether they like it or not. Despite the anticipation and warm welcome by many fans, Black Adam did not become the billion-dollar movie that was expected as it’s already gone to streaming while the shake-up of the former DCEU and the announcement of the new DCU led by co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran is causing shockwaves to ripple throughout the DC camp. More than a few fans have called for the firing of James Gunn at this point and have made it clear that they don’t want Henry Cavill to move on, but they are not quite as vibrant regarding Johnson’s character. Black Adam appeared to receive a hot welcome as people made it clear that he was a great character that had a future in the DC universe and would build things up not only by creating another powerful character that would take on all challengers but had brought back Superman. Sadly, watching the movie kind of divided fans as the realization that the movie wasn’t quite as great as fanboys had said. 

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This doesn’t hurt the careers of Johnson or Cavill. 

Dwayne Johnson made it quite clear that he was lobbying to get Henry Cavill back into the DCEU as Superman. Still, it also feels that the desire not to accept no as an answer was less insightful than was required for this situation, as the ambition that helped to get Black Adam off the ground now feels a bit shortsighted. While it’s often far more positive to push forward and make contingency plans should something go awry, this push to create a popular movie and bring back a favored character has an all-or-nothing feel, even if there might have been plans in place should the situation go sideways. But one thing that no one can foresee, not even those who are paid to do so, is the overall fan reaction resulting from the final product. The vision shared by the writers, the director, the cinematographer, and the actors might appear grand and capable of reaching audiences in a very effective way. Still, sometimes the audience reacts in ways that are not expected. Thankfully, both Johnson and Cavill have gained a reputation in Hollywood for being able to take a loss and keep moving forward, as this will be one more bump in the road. 

It is interesting to wonder if Black Adam will be a part of the DCU. 

Gunn and Safran have already made it clear that they have a plan in mind for the DCU and that they’re excited to move forward with it, but at this time, that plan has yet to be revealed, which makes it easy to wonder if they’ll be bringing Black Adam back to the fold at some point. Likely, Dwayne Johnson won’t retake the role if they’re already replacing Henry Cavill, a figure of great importance to the DCEU. Gunn and Safran have also managed to strip Jason Momoa of the Aquaman title and put the kibosh on the third Wonder Woman movie to push the plan they’ve been working on. The fact that Johnson has stopped following WB on social media could quickly be taken as a sign that he’ll have nothing to do with the DCU moving forward. 

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Unfollowing WBs social media is enough to get people talking. 

Unfollowing anyone on social media is often seen as a brutal act since it indicates that a person wants nothing to do with the individual, group, or entity they’ve unfollowed. Unfortunately, what this means has already been interpreted in a few ways by many people, which is not surprising in the least since the moment that something is said or revealed online, a million individuals will know about it, and only minutes later, it will be broadcast in a spreading fan of information that will become known to millions more in short order. What’s unfortunate is that many people will draw conclusions and make assumptions based on little more than rumor and gossip. But in this case, it would appear that Johnson is perhaps trying to distance himself from WB for his reasons. 

Why did Black Adam falter?

People could give plenty of reasons for the lackluster performance (by comparison) that Black Adam was seen to give. For example, it could be stated that there wasn’t enough development of the characters, the story, or even the general setting, and it could be claimed that even after spending so much time in development, the story wasn’t delivered in a way that fans could support. But the long and short of this is that putting a positive spin on this movie has become a bit difficult, and the fact that Johnson has unfollowed WB on Instagram is a lesser concern. 

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